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Collection of Indian spices in wooden containers - common Indian spices, Indian herbs
Powdered Haldi, dried Haldi and raw ginger kept against a black background - Indian spices
Powdered Haldi and dried Haldi sticks - Golden spice, healthy spices, fight against diseases, home remedy
Powdered ginger in a heap, dried ginger, and raw ginger kept together - Indian herbs, home remedy for cough and cold
Dry ginger powder kept in a heap with a fresh piece of ginger - Home remedy, Indian herbs
Vegetable burger with french fries kept on a plate - unhealthy food, fried food
Golden yellow french fries kept in a heap rotating on a white plate on a turntable - deep-fried, crispy potato fingers, unhealthy food
Junk food items kept on a table - French fries and burger, fast food, tasty but unhealthy, delicious food
Healthy morning breakfast on the kitchen counter - healthy eating
A deliciously made homemade muffin is being decorated with whipped cream
Aromatic spices star anise and Dal Chini - Indian kitchen
A white plate decorated with kiwi fruit, muesli, and boiled eggs - healthy breakfast
A white plate decorated with sliced bananas, kiwis, and black chia seeds - healthy breakfast
Beer is poured in a transparent glass rotating on a turntable against glowing lights
A basket full of fruits and green leafy vegetables rotating on a turntable
A heap of green and golden pears / Naak kept together in a bamboo basket
Whole green and yellow pear fruit / Naak rotating beautifully on a turntable
A white ceramic plate with assorted Indian pulses rotating on a turntable
Exotic spices star anise and cinnamon kept on table
White lotus seeds / Gordon Euryale rotating on a turntable kept on a ceramic plate
Two glasses of Chaas seasoned with cumin seeds and mint leaves rotating on a turntable
Sugar cubes stacked together - excess sugar
A bowl full of organic delicious honey rotating on a turntable - cooking ingredient
A beautiful tall mug with a few ice cubes rotating against a white background
Tropical exotic fruit Papita cut into halves with skin - Healthy breakfast
Appetizing homemade muffin on a white plate rotating on a turntable - tasty sweet
Rotini pasta with green capsicum and red pepper - Homemade healthy pasta
A handmade clay statue of Lord Ganesha - Indian Hindu festival. Colorful floral background