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Closeup of snake plant/ Mother-in-law's tongue plant sprayed with water. Plant care concept, Spraying a houseplant, Indoor Plant, Air purifier
Sowing a flower seed in a pot with fertilised soil - gardening, planting seedlings, World Environment Day
Pushkar, Rajasthan, India, 10th November 2019, Close shot of a water stall offering free water
A married Indian housewife in traditional Sari filling up fresh water for daily use - cooking, an Indian villager
A beautiful married housewife walking through a field with a pitcher - Village scene
Indian mother knitting a sweater while a sweet child is spending time with father
An educated farmer using a laptop with his adorable son - modern technology, digital education, edtech, online education
A young man rubbing and washing his hands in a white pot - cleanliness and hygiene
A beautiful money plant with green leaves suspended by a rope in a nursery
Tilt view of a succulent plant / desert plant in white pots in a nursery
Lord Ganesha decorated with orange marigold flowers - Diwali decoration
Bowl of delicious rice pudding with a bowl of white rice - Eid feat
An Indian cook adding sugar into the milk mixed with white tapioca pearls
Chandni Chowk, New Delhi, India, 28th August 2021, Chole kulcha making - street food vendor
Detoxifying dish Kanji Wada consumed after overeating of sweets
A woman keeping a silver coin in a Kalash - an auspicious occasion
A street vendor in a popular market serving a plate of Chole with butter
A street hawker garnishing freshly made Chole with sliced Dhania and Adrak - Street food, India
An Indian street hawker serving Kanji Vada / Wada in a glass
Female dropping slices of corn, tomato, and cucumber into a bowl of Makhana - healthy snack
White lotus seeds / Gordon Euryale rotating on a turntable kept on a ceramic plate
Crispy lotus pop seeds falling inside an earthen pot full of Makhana - healthy snack
A few white fox nuts / Makhana falling on a heap beautifully placed on a table
A big ice cube dropped into a transparent glass with refreshing buttermilk
Beautiful red rose and its petals on a wooden table - Rose milk
Female hand eating a spoonful of tasty rice pudding kept in an earthen bowl
Lady's hand tasting a spoonful of Sabudana Kheer decorated with dry fruits - Indian desserts
Woman's hand adding almonds, cashew nuts, and raisins into the Sabudana Kheer