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Indian mother and daughter painting a clay pot together - Motherhood Concept
Village scene - Beautiful married woman walking through a field with a clay pot
Colorful flower with Holi colors placed together on a floral decorated area
Indian traditional mother happily cooking food in a pot - village lifestyle concept
Small Indian child happily cooking food in a pot kept on chula - village lifestyle
An Indian village woman carrying a pitcher (Ghara) full of water on her head
Closeup shot of Lohri items served in ceramic plates and bowls on Lohri festival
Indian traditional woman holding a copper pot / kalash with coconut and mango leaves for traditional customs
A woman transferring raw mango achar / pickle in a white ceramic pot
Shot of a woman tossing the pot full of raw mango pickle / achar
Woman transferring raw mango achar/pickle in a white ceramic pot
Time lapse of a potter decorating / preparing the cement pot (Gamla)
Shot of a potter making design on the pot (Gamla)
Female/chef adding a spoon full of salt in pot of mixed vegetables
The chef adds water into a pot of cooked vegetables
Closeup shot of tea leaves floating in boiling water in a tea pot
Chef adding masala in a hot pot while preparing vegetable curry
A man beating the outer surface of an earthen drinking pot in order to make the surface even
Close up of a potter preparing and designing a flower pot on a potter's wheel
Close shot of Indian female adding and cooking vegetables in a hot pot in her kitchen
A poor potter beating earthen jar to make a water pot
A man frying pooris in a huge deep cooking pot and collecting the freshly cooked ones in a tray
Smoke coming out of steaming hot and flavored milk tea served in an earthen pot
A pair of eyeglasses and sticky notes kept on the laptop on the office table - Work from home table
Fresh milk poured in a bowl of crunchy corn flakes kept on a wooden workplace
Well-organized modern technology workplace with laptop and a small plant pot
Indian woman stirring boiling penne pasta with a wooden spatula - home cooking
Pretty Indian girl watering the notes in plant pot - Saving money for future, Investment