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Confident-looking engineer standing while facing sideways against a green screen
Confident Indian boy smiling while standing near a tree - relaxation concept
Beautiful Indian businesswoman with a congrats sign to celebrate her success
A lady serving a glass of chilled Chaas decorated with rose petals
A bowl of Garam Masala powder is placed with various other Indian spices
A few white fox nuts / Makhana falling on a heap beautifully placed on a table
Incense stick placed near an idol of Lord Ganesha - Hindu rituals and prayer
Alphabets made with wooden blocks - step by step learning. Kindergarten learning
Female hand decorating a statue of Hindu God Ganesha with orange flower garland
Female hand putting a coin inside her piggy bank - savings and investment
Zoom in shot of a bowl full of fresh and juicy pineapple slices - healthy fruit
Raw farfalle pasta falling on fusilli pasta kept on a wooden table - Italian food
Woman's hand stirring farfalle pasta in a non-stick pot with a wooden spatula
Tropical papaya fruit juice poured in transparent glass for morning breakfast
Salt being sprinkled from the top on orange slices of papaya kept on a ceramic plate
Pan shot of a whole and sliced orange papaya placed together on a wooden table
Tilt view of a bunch of juicy and ripe Lychees nicely placed against a colored background
Water splashing on a heap of fresh Litches hanging together - a healthy fruit
Sweet crunchy rusk falling in an earthen cup with boiling hot tea made at home - Chai culture in India
Freshly prepared juice with peeled and unpeeled pineapples placed nearby
A big glass filling up with refreshing juice with chunks of pineapple placed behind - Pineapple juice
Pan shot of peeled and cut ripe yellow pineapple against a colorful background
Round slices of ripe pineapple rotating on a wooden table - healthy fruit
Juicy and delicious pieces of tender pineapple rotating against a white background
Fresh nutritional pineapple rotating / spinning against a colorful background
Very slow-motion shot of a sharp knife cutting a kiwi in halves - tropical fruit
Citrus kiwi fruit slices against a white background - healthy food
Pouring of a green liquid into a blender to make a cocktail - cooling summer drink, Mocktails India