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Closeup shot of bride and groom's playing games during a post-marriage ritual
Attractive relatives/friends feeding a Punjabi bride some Indian sweets on stage
Married village couple happily celebrating Diwali festival together at home
Village scene of an Indian family happily doing aarti / arti - Puja at home
Indian housewife happily watching a TV program while cutting vegetables
A beautiful newly married Indian couple celebrating Diwali and offering besan ladoo
Hand of an Indian woman serving delicious Upwas food prepared for Navratri
Indian woman's hand placing a bowl of freshly made jeera aloo on a blue platform
Hands of an Indian woman placing a thali of traditional Upwas/fasting food
Zoom in shot of beautifully plated Navratri food platter placed on a blue surface
Slow-motion shot of an Indian woman's hand eating delicious Upwas/fasting food
Closeup shot of beautifully plated Navratri thali/platter rotating on a turntable
Hand of an Indian woman placing a bowl of Chaulai Laddu in Navratri food platter
A slow focus of the camera to a traditionally prepared fasting food platter
Vegetarian food platter from North India moving slowly in a blue background
Traditional vegetarian food platter served during the religious fasting days
North Indian Navratri vegetarian Thali/food platter prepared during fasts
Newly married Indian woman checking her phone holding a plate of oil lamps - Diwali decoration
Zoom in shot of a Bengali Prasad/Bhog placed in front of Goddess Durga's idol
Regional Thali from West Bengal with sweets served as Bhog/Prasad to Ma Durga
Religious Bengali female keeping a plate of Papad before Devi Durga as Bhog/Prasad/Offering
Bengali married woman's hand keeping fish curry (Macher Jhal) with Bhog items
Decorated Puja room during Durga Puja festival with Bhog/Prasad items
Traditional Bengali Thali/platter as offerings for Ma Durga rotating on a turntable
Religious Bengali woman keeping a Rosogolla as offering for Durga Puja
Married Bengali woman offering Sandesh to Ma Durga during prayers
Showering of flower petals on Devi Durga idol during Puja ceremony
Bengali married woman's hand keeping a Diya in front of Ma Durga during Puja