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Moving shot of a beautifully decorated table at home for Christmas celebrations
Still shot of burning candles on a decorated Christmas platform - festive scene
Bokeh shot of red scented candles with a plastic 'Merry Christmas' tag - Christmas Eve
Closeup shot of scented candles burning in a decorated darkroom on Christmas Eve
Pan shot of perfumed candles flaming with a golden 'Merry Christmas' topper
Closeup shot of a cute toy snowman with scented candles burning in a dark room - festive scene
Pan shot of a beautifully decorated platform with Christmas items during Christmas season
Bokeh shot of a cute teddy bear wearing Santa hat in a dark room on Christmas Eve - India
Tilt shot of a teddy bear surrounded by scented candles in a decorated room for Christmas
Closeup shot of an Indian woman lighting up a scented candle - festive season
Hands of an Indian female decorating a platform with colorful Christmas items - bokeh effect
Moving shot of a drainage ditch filled with domestic / household waste
Still shot of a roadside drainage ditch full of dirty water and rubbish garbage - Contrast of modern and uncivilized infrastructure
Domestic waste material dumped on the sides of a rainwater drainage ditch in India
Rubbish household waste scattered in a roadside water drainage - bad ecology
Top view of a blocked water drainage ditch with household or domestic waste in India
Moving shot of a smelly dumping ground with algae and domestic waste in India
Hands of a young laborer working at a workshop - industrial factory lifestyle in India
Pan shot of an illegal roadside garbage dump in India - environmental pollution
Dirty and polluted riverside with plastic bottles, bags and other garbage
Still shot of Illegal dumping garbage site in India - environmental pollution concept
Tilt shot of garbage like plastic bags, bottles, household waste, etc at the side of a river
Illegal dumping ground filled with household wastes, plastic bottles, and bags
Heaps of rubbish waste material dumped illegally in a river - an environmental issue
Top view of a polluted drainage ditch full of dirty water and rubbish garbage
Pile of plastic bags, bottles, wrappers and other wastes dumped in a landfill
Long shot of an endless dumping ground full of household wastes in India
A burning garbage dump polluting harmful smoke in the environment - air pollution