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Smiling pretty girl waving her magic wand in a beautiful fairy dress
Close up shot of Black salt powder with its raw crystal piece in a white plate - Indian mineral salt
Overhead shot of an Indian female worshipping Lord Ganesha on Ganesh Chaturthi
Indian woman knitting wool with knitting needles - Lifestyle women
Closeup of an Indian woman knitting wool with knitting needles - Woman's lifestyle concept
Beautiful Indian girl lying on the bed - reading a book and answering a phone call
Indian girl wakes up late pandiculating in the early morning - good mood. Modern lifestyle
Young Indian woman using the smartphone with touchscreen and drinking coffee in the early morning
Indian teenage girl wakes up early in the morning - Relaxed morning at home during the holiday
Indian girl in a room - drinking coffee and casually chatting with her friend on a laptop
Young Indian girl lying on the bed and reading a book in her leisure time - modern lifestyle
Indian makeup professional preparing bride for her wedding day - bridal makeup
Hands of a makeup artist applying bright pink lipstick on a client
Closeup shot of a female makeup artist painting lips of a beautiful girl - beauty concept
Serious young Indian woman thinking hard and expressing her confusion - emotion concept
Pretty Indian lady feeling her soft and smooth skin with a pink flower against white background
Young Indian woman in formal wear busy over a business phone call - lifestyle office
Young beautiful woman chatting with her friends on a smartphone - leisure concept
Young office woman talking to someone on her smartphone in her car after work
Tired business woman coming back from office in her car - lifestyle concept
Young attractive woman practicing Balasana (child pose) on a yoga mat - healthy lifestyle
Healthy woman doing yoga Paschimottanasana (sitting forward bend pose) early morning before her office
Healthy beautiful lady practicing Halasana (plough pose) on a yoga mat - sportswear
Healthy Indian lady doing Hastapadasana (standing forward bend pose) while standing on mat - healthy lifestyle
Indian female standing on a weight scale- Weight loss concept
Young woman performing yoga exercises early morning in a garden
Healthy Indian woman in sportswear doing yoga asanas - fitness concept
Pretty young lady practicing yoga on green grass with fitness mat in a park