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Female fashion designer giving a smile while working in her fashion boutique
Indian male fashion designer happily smiling while working in his fashion studio
Worried Indian Couple - Calculating pending taxes and bills. Modern-day lifestyle issues - Financial Problem
Stressed Indian couple sitting on the floor in their drawing room - Concerned about their financial condition
Attractive Indian girls dressing up a dummy model in a fashion studies class
Indian dressmakers enjoying while styling a mannequin in a fashion boutique
Young male and female designers styling a dummy model - fashion studio
Indian fashion designers dressing up a mannequin with clothes and jewelry
Indian female designer putting new arrivals on a mannequin at her workplace
Young male fashion designer styling the mannequin with a scarf at his fashion studio
Indian male fashion entrepreneur happily smiling at the camera with folded arms - fashion studio
Young dynamic fashion designer smiling while wearing a measuring tape around her neck
Happy young Indian fashion designer confidently dressing a mannequin in her fashion studio
Attractive Indian female designer dressing up a dummy model or mannequin at her workplace
Young Indian teenager preparing for exams while caring mother offers juice - Concerned parents
Young Indian son discussing syllabus with father while studying at home - Parenting
School going Indian girl exploring and looking at the globe - Learning geography
Cute boy choosing the right color pencil to complete his shading - child education concept
Indian government employee approaching villagers to inform about new policies
Young attractive dealer with an Indian villager - Discussing some legal documents
Young Indian farmer getting information about health insurance policy from an agent
A young sales manager with his team - Discussing sales performance and future forecasts
Indian corporate business meeting. Startup team sharing ideas and brainstorming
Young attractive bank agent guiding Indian farmer to fill-up new bank account's form
Young government employee collecting information from villagers - survey concept
Young attractive girl writing into her notebook while sitting on the green grass in a park - leisure concept
Bank agent helping Indian villagers to open new bank accounts - easy way to protect the money
Young village couple getting information about health insurance policy from an agent