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A small young girl studying with her mother - parent-child bonding, holiday homework, stubborn child
An Indian housewife helping her young son with his homework - school assignments, parent-child relationship
An urban mother patiently handling her girl child's problems - parent-child bonding
A family doing pillow fight in the night while the child enjoys the parent's company
Young Indian boy getting a scolding from parent for not completing his homework
A single father and his cute little daughter playing with building blocks - single parent, parenting, child development
A strict working Indian woman scolding her little naughty girl for disturbing her - working on a laptop, working from home, stay at home parent
A happy father-son duo - Indian single father teaching his son, nuclear family, family bonding
A young boy getting a scolding from his mother for not completing his homework - a naughty kid, a disobedient child
An Indian parent / caring mother helping her little kid with his holiday homework - home schooling, home study
A young schoolkid with curly hair spending time with his loving mother - Indian family, mother-son bonding
A sweet little girl giving a warm hug to her affectionate mother - parent-child bonding, love and affection, young Indian mother
An Indian Bengali mother scolding her daughter for mobile overuse - teenage issues, family conflicts, concerned parent
A happy Muslim woman in a headscarf giving colorful envelopes to her little kids - Eidi, Al-adha, gifts
An affectionate Indian mother feeding a wholesome meal to her little daughter - delicious food, parent-child bonding
A little adorable schoolgirl brings a bouquet of colorful flowers for her mother - mother's day celebration, parent-child bonding
A beautiful female babysitter holding a sweet infant in her arms - family bonding, work flexibility, a tough life
A loving Indian father playing with her little daughter sitting on the swing - parent-child bonding, playtime, a happy childhood
A beautiful little girl wearing a headscarf happily hugging/embracing her father - love and affection
A beautiful mother her adorable daughter playing in the park - happy childhood, relationship and togetherness
An Indian father playing with her school-going daughter - childhood game, a fun activity
A handsome father and his little son having fun - singing on toy mic, bonding, love and care, single parent
An adorable boy with long hair playing a video game on a smartphone at home
Single parent feeding her newborn child with a spoon while sitting on the bed - ready-made food, formula feed
Single cheerful Indian mother playing with her young son - new parent, nuclear family, child care
A young mother talking to her newborn baby boy while relaxing at home - parenting, new parent, single mother
A young playful father spending time with his little girl-child lying on the bed
A happy father carrying his smiling little son on his shoulders at home