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Indian doctor showing a CT scan / X-ray to a patient - COVID-19 pandemic period
A young businessman in casual clothes working from home during COVID-19
A young boy and his charming father playing a video game using a joystick
Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India, 17th November 2021, Customers visiting different food stalls during an exhibition
A handsome businessman working from home on his laptop during the pandemic
A little boy with curly black hair taking online classes during the COVID - 19 pandemic
A young man putting on medical masks - air pollution / Covid 19. Green screen / Chroma shoot
A smart boy standing with folded hands while showing a Namaste gesture - Chroma Green Screen
A medical practitioner wearing a pair of white protective gloves in the hospital
Portrait of a young freelancer working on a laptop during the Coronavirus pandemic
A female entrepreneur in casual clothes working from home during the Coronavirus pandemic - remote work
A doctor's hand counting the disposable mask and keeping them on the table
A senior doctor pouring sanitizer on his gloved hands for hygiene before patient treatment
Young man wearing a medical mask reading a book while sitting in a park - COVID / Coronavirus pandemic
Young man wearing a medical mask standing outdoors - COVID-19 spread
Doctor talking to a patient during a video call - remote consultation
Senior doctor explaining the diagnosis to her female patient - COVID-19 pandemic
Physician briefing her female patient about illness during COVID-19 pandemic
An Indian doctor sanitizing her patient's hands during Coronavirus pandemic
Doctor holding the hands of a patient and showing empathy during COIVD period
Indian doctor encouraging her patient during treatment - healthcare concept
An Indian doctor measuring the body temperature of a young girl
Young girl and an Indian female doctor wearing medical masks during a regular checkup
A senior Indian female doctor measuring the body temperature of a young girl
A female healthcare worker in a personal protective suit (PPE Kit) holding an infrared thermometer
Portrait of a confident Indian female health worker showing thumbs up hand gesture
A healthcare worker in a medical protective suit taking notes on a clipboard
A young doctor takes off her face mask after getting her vaccination for COVID-19