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Very slow-motion shot of a sharp knife cutting a kiwi in halves - tropical fruit
Pouring of a green liquid into a blender to make a cocktail - cooling summer drink, Mocktails India
Zoom out shot of a pile of beautiful yellow muskmelons - organic nutritious fruit
Urban Indian chef chopping fresh healthy vegetables at home - cooking in Indian kitchen
Wooden honey dipper in a clear cup of nectar against a blurred background
Bright pink color Gulal dropping on a heap of organic powder dry Holi colors
Handmade greeting card to wish Holi dropping on mixed Gulal (Holi colors)
Organic Gulal with bright flower petals decorated on the occasion of Holi
Colorful flower with Holi colors placed together on a floral decorated area
Lots of orange slices churning into a transparent juicer mixer jar - tropical fruit
Fresh orange juice prepared into an open juicer mixer jar - healthy organic diet
Zoom in shot of a transparent glass filled with healthy orange juice and ice
Freshwater being sprinkled on nutritious juicy Mandarin oranges in a basket
Natural organic green herb medicine / essential oil falling from green leaf
Backview shot of an Indian woman in wheat crop field - Farmland in village
Long shot of a beautiful rural area with field, crops, trees, and morning sky
Closeup shot of organic green peas falling on the pieces of fresh white paneer
Pan shot of tropical coconuts with products made from coconut - loopable fruit
Pouring natural coconut oil into a glass bowl placed on a wooden platform
Zoom out shot of tropical coconuts with some coconut products - loopable fruit
Pan shot of vibrant colors in glass bowls for the joyful Holi festival celebrated in India
Pan shot of different organic Gulal colors in clay pots on the occasion of Holi festival
Pan shot of colorful organic Gulal for the joyful Holi festival celebrated in India
Hands of an Indian farmer examining fresh rice plant in the organic paddy field
Young agricultural laborer checking fresh rice plants at the farm in India - Village Scene
Moving shot of ears of rice in the paddy field during daytime - agriculture concept in Indian village
Pan shot of young cauliflower grows in the agricultural field of a farmer in India - Village Harvest
Still shot of yellow-green rice field in village during daytime in India - organic farming