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Clinically tested oil drips in the bottle from a dropper before a rejuvenating spa session
Medium shot of aromatic oil for wellness therapies and cosmetic treatments - beautiful spa table, essential oil
Beautiful spa composition with stones, almond oil and scented candles in led lighting setup - dark interior, body care
Shot of a vendor counting Indian currency notes - daily expense, finance, financial saving, financial freedom, cash payment
Closeup shot of fresh almonds rotating in a white bowl - good fats, badam, nutrient-rich food, raw food concept
Gloved hand sprinkling black salt to a bowl of freshly cut lemon - kala namak, Indian achar, homemade pickle
Amateur Indian cook slicing fresh tomatoes in kitchen - home cooking, healthy eating, wooden cutting board
Indian boy adding freshly sliced tomatoes in salad bowl - healthy and nutritious meal, vegetarian food, green garden salad, bachelor, staying alone
Indian man putting containers on shelves - tidying up, maintaining hygiene, food storage, organized kitchen, pantry
Attractive health-conscious Indian man making a salad - balanced diet, nutritious meal, vegan/organic food
Young Indian guy eating a homemade salad - vegetarian meal, organic food, balanced diet, fitness freak
Female hand dipping a toasted rusk in a glass of warm milk - breakfast, dairy products, gluten-free, lactose-free
Woman slicing carrots on cutting board
Madurai, India, March 2022 - A street vendor is busy in making food- urban village life, street food, roadside food joint
Aromatic oil for wellness therapies, cosmetic treatments - home spa, beautiful spa table, essential oils, serums, body care
Oil drop falls from leaf into a transparent glass bottle with blurred background
Closeup view of an Indian sweet item called rewri, revdi or sesame seeds sweet - Lohri festival
A happy young pregnant woman eating a bowl of fresh fruits - eating healthy diet, nutrition during pregnancy
A senior male patient is eating fruits while recovering from deadly disease in the hospital bed - hospital diet, patient diet
Indian lentils/daal rolling on a glass table - Chana daal, Chickpeas, Split Chickpea Lentils
Wheat grains falling on a surface layered with flour - Indian agriculture produce, Atta
An Indian woman dusting wheat flour from hands - Indian chef, slow motion
Two whole maize falling / dropping on a heap of corn kernels - sweet corn, Indian corn,
A young sick Indian woman with a head injury in a hospital bed - eating fruits, healing and recovery, hospital diet, woman in shock
Two pieces of soft multi-grain bread dropping on a stack of bread ready for breakfast
Freshly baked multi-grain bread slices beautifully placed on a wooden table
Splash of wheat flour on a round wheat dough to make fresh chapatis at home
Pan shot of multi-cuisine food set up on the table - Indian dishes, festival food