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Indian old aged man with a long beard
A close-up shot of an old lady smoking an Indian traditional pipe (hookah)
Mid shot of an old woman cutting fresh vegetables using a traditional Indian knife
Indian lady reads a book with glasses while sitting in bed - the lifestyle of old people
Old Sikh man wearing blue turban reading book in his living room beside a lamp - Retired life
Indian grandson touching his grandfather's feet for blessings before going to the school - Old man reading Sikh Hymns or Banis from Gutka
Indian caring daughter-in-law giving medicine to old father-in-law - Retiring senior, Healthcare, treatment, aging concept
Stressed old Indian woman / lady having bad thoughts while sitting in her bedroom
Elderly Indian couple checking their old wedding album pictures
Old Indian man reading book in his living room
An old Indian woman reading a book wearing spectacles
An old Indian man wearing a blue shirt writing notes at home
Shot of Indian old couple having video chat and waving hands to wish their son
Shot of Indian old woman pulls the book from her husband to give him medicine
Shot of old Indian grandmother knitting woolen clothes
Beautiful old Indian couple having a good time over a cup of tea
Footage of a old woman sleeping on bed, husband puts a blanket on her and turns off the light
Loving Indian woman hugging her old mother sitting on a couch - family bonding
Portrait of an old hairless man
A holy man talking to people while looking at the camera
A person eating Kanji Vada made with flavored water - Served in plastic glass
A small street side shop vendor garnishing Rabri with dry fruits
Owner of a small sweet shop preparing Rabri in clay glasses for his customers
Hands holding a sieve to strain the tea pouring it into a transparent glass - Indian Chai
An elderly Indian man from a rural village relaxing alone while smoking a pipe
An Indian old man with an orange Tika on his forehead smoking
Chennai, Tamil Nadu - India, Portrait of an old aged lady selling vegetables like drumsticks and coconuts
Indian village woman making clothes on her old sewing machine - rural lifestyle - Indian family in Village