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Pretty Indian woman in a warm grey hat knitting sweaters at home - wintertime
Closeup shot of an Indian female knitting woolen sweater during the winter season
Young woman relaxing on a couch and knitting a warm scarf during the winter season in India
Cute Indian girl bursting a red balloon with a pointed needle - white background. India
Young students learning design pattern placement using needles - fashion studies class
Young successful designer teaching pattern placement to her students - College life
Elderly woman knitting winter clothes with wool yarn - Indian home lifestyle
Indian woman knitting wool with knitting needles - Lifestyle women
Group of an Indian women knitting winter clothes - Self Help Group
Closeup of an Indian woman knitting wool with knitting needles - Woman's lifestyle concept
Beautiful Indian girl laughing and bursting a balloon isolated over white background
South Indian mother-daughter preparing flower garlands (mala) for Diwali Puja in traditional wear
Young daughter and mother - Daughter surprising her beautiful mother by giving her a hug - parental love
Indian woman wearing blue saree knitting a sweater
Close slow motion shot of a woman / female putting white thread in needle
Young and talented girl pursuing her hobby of embroidery in her free time at home
A girl / female making embroidery design on a white cotton cloth piece
Girl making a beautiful embroidery design on a cloth piece
A woman putting a thread in the sewing machine needle
A woman sews a button on a white shirt
A woman sews a button with a needle and black thread
Shot of a female putting a thread in the needle of the sewing machine
An Indian women / female embroidering at home
Pan shot of white cloth with handmade colourful embroidery
A women / female putting the blue colour thread in a needle
Shot of women / female / girl embroidering with blue thread on fabric
Slow motion shot of women / female / girl is embroidering stem stitch on a white fabric
Closeup shot of Indian women/female/girl is embroidering cross stitch on the fabric