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An Indian couple holding a cup and having a conversation on a green screen
Shot of a freshly prepared green tea in a cup - morning tea, beverage
A young lady in her twenties drinking a cup of hot tea / coffee while relaxing indoors - winter season
A sick Indian woman having cough and cold drinking a cup of hot tea / coffee
Beer is poured in a transparent glass rotating on a turntable against glowing lights
Light beer poured in a tilted transparent glass against a black background
A bottle of beer, peanuts, Bhujia, and Daal kept together on a wooden table
Pouring beer into a transparent cocktail glass with big ice cubes
Female hand adding a sugar cube into a hot cup of black coffee before serving
A beautiful tall mug with a few ice cubes rotating against a white background
Big ice cubes are dropped in a transparent glass of beer against glowing lights
Chilled beer with a few big ice cubes being poured in a transparent cocktail glass
Bubbles rising up in beer served in transparent glass - a popular beverage
A young freelancer with white earphones working on her laptop - remote job
Tutti Frutti / sweet candies falling into a transparent glass of refreshing juice - Summer drink India
A spoonful of organic honey and Tulsi leaves in a clear glass of herbal black tea
A sweet vegetable juice rich in vitamin seasoned with mint leaves in a clear mug
Portrait of a smart young boy watching his favorite show on TV during free time
Portrait of a young man with stubble having his morning tea / coffee in the morning
Smart young man having his morning tea / coffee sitting in the bedroom at home
Sliced yellow juicy Kharbuja kept on a ceramic plate rotating on a turntable - Summer fruit India
Female hands taking a piece of juicy watermelon from a ceramic plate - Summer fruit India
Crushed cashew nuts decorating delicious mango smoothie - summer drink India
Pretty woman wearing cozy winter clothes blows and drinks a cup of tea / coffee
Portrait of a young Indian girl drinking a hot cup of tea /coffee while watching TV
Indian woman wearing woolen gloves and warm clothes drinking a cup of hot beverage
Lovely teenager relaxing at home in India during winter - leisure time
Indian teenager having hot beverage to keep herself warm during winter