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A beautiful woman talking to her young daughter while making an orange marigold flower garland for Diwali Puja and decorations
Pretty Indian women on Diwali - mother and daughter opening Diwali gift while sitting on a couch, silk saree
A mother and a daughter making flower garlands together for Diwali pooja at home - celebrating festival, gajra in hair, floral decoration
An affectionate Indian mother giving a Diwali gift to her young daughter - Diwali celebrations
Pan shot of a mother and daughter decorating a traditional Rangoli with Diyas
A young girl in a traditional Indian outfit doing online shopping with her mother, Diwali shopping
An Indian woman in her late forties and her school-aged daughter chatting together - a village home
Mother putting tilak on young daughter's forehead, celebration at home, festive colorful background
Caring and affectionate Indian mother hugging her teenage daughter near village field - family bonding, quality time, mother-daughter bonding
Mid-Aged Indian housewife braiding her daughter's hair while her husband works in the field - Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, village home, mother-daughter bonding, Indian family concept
An Indian mother and her teenage daughter spending time together near their farmland - village lifestyle, mother-daughter bond
A young village daughter helps her mother in online shopping - entering credit/debit card details, modern technology
Indian village mother and daughter using a laptop - mother-daughter, new technology, modern family village
A middle-aged woman and her teen daughter learning new technology - a modern family in an Indian village
A caring village mother is oiling her teenage daughter's hair - healthy hair, mother-daughter bonding, head massage
Indian village family - mother and daughter doing a video call, on a smartphone, educated family
Lower middle class family in India - mother and daughter sitting on the floor, middle-aged woman, cutting vegetables, household work
A middle-aged Indian lady consoling her daughter - caring mother, love and affection, stressed teenager, concerned mother
A loving Indian mother with her adult daughter - love and affection, mother-daughter bonding, Single Indian mother
A cheerful middle-aged Indian woman is spending time with her grown-up daughter - quality time, mother-daughter bonding
Young daughter and mother doing payment via debit card - online shopping, online websites, e-commerce
A retired woman and her grown-up daughter use a smartphone together - leisure time, mother-daughter bonding
A female government employee with a village mother and daughter - Indian village, government scheme, insurance policy
A beautiful Indian mother with her sweet little daughter - sharing secrets, Diwali celebrations
Indian mother and daughter celebrating Indian Hindu festival Diwali at home - colorful background
A middle-aged Indian lady and her cute daughter - festive season, decorated wall, background lights
Diwali preparations by Indian family - Diwali decorations, Colorful festive background, Diwali Puja, Hindu festival
A caring Indian mother putting a beautiful Jaguar on her daughter's hair - Diwali festival, festive mood