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Beautiful Indian woman knitting woolen clothes at home - village home in India, hobby, side hustle for housewife
Townpark, Faridabad, India Dec/21021 - Indian parents and a child reading a book together in a garden - education, natural environment, family time
A cute little adorable kid enjoying sitting on his mother's lap in the bedroom
An attractive lady sitting with a cute girl child on her lap at home - baby sitting
A caring mother having a fun time with her with her cute adorable daughter
A cheerful village mother feeding her cute son delicious homemade food - healthy food, love and care, parenting
An affectionate Indian mother holding her newborn cute baby girl in her arms
Naughty Indian kid blowing horn in her mother's ears
A loving mother and daughter decorating a traditional Rangoli with Diyas
A caring and affectionate mother putting her little daughter to sleep at night
An urban mother patiently handling her girl child's problems - parent-child bonding
An aged mom hugging her grown-up daughter at home - happy moment
Cheerful teenage girl hugging an elderly Indian woman - special bonding
A beautiful mom and teenage daughter studying together sitting at a wooden desk
A loving mother caring for her sick daughter suffering from flu lying on the sofa
Indian mother-daughter relationship - Sick daughter and caring mother
Sick girl laying down on a sofa while mother putting a cool fever gel on the forehead
Caring mother feeling relaxed after checking her teenage girl's body temperature
Mother checking the temperature of her sick daughter with hands and thermometer
Village scene of an Indian mother happily teaching her little daughter at home
Village scene of a beautiful Indian mother happily feeding her little daughter
Village scene of a loving Indian mother happily feeding her little daughter
Happy woman with a positive pregnancy test calling her husband - celebration
Medium shot of a mother with her daughter spending time with her while chatting
A mother-daughter sanitizing their hands to prevent the spread of the virus
Happy Indian farmer and his small family playing with freshwater near a tubewell
Village couple and their daughter enjoying together on a beautiful summer day
Closeup shot of hands with a pair of cute blue socks for a newborn baby in India