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Zoom out shot of beautifully placed Indian snacks served with tomato ketchup
Closeup shot of beautifully placed Indian snacks served with a glass of masala chai
Hands of an Indian woman placing Kachoris in a plate full of delicious snacks
Closeup shot - Woman hands wiping the stain of spilled tea from a wooden table
Pan shot of delicious Indian starters placed on a kitchen mat - fried food concept
Indian map designed with colorful traditional spices and herbs of India
Spices of India - Closeup shot of organic black peppercorns with red dried chilies
Closeup shot of aromatic black pepper grains falling on a wooden table
Closeup shot of hands of a housewife putting black pepper in a grinder for grinding
Top view of a woman's hand grinding black pepper on a wooden table - Indian spices
A pile of organic black pepper in a rotating glass bowl - selective focus on a white surface
Rotating shot of black pepper in a glass bowl isolated over white background
Black pepper and dried red chilies against the white background - Spices of India
Spices of India - A timelapse shot of different Indian spices isolated over white background
Rotating shot of Indian traditional spices used in cooking delicious food of India
Collection of Indian spices in a vintage wooden container - common spices produced in India
Top view shot of different Indian seasonings in a designer wooden container