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Faridabad, Haryana, India, 14th September 2022, A road side barber trimming hair - sitting under the tree, giving a haircut, lower middle class
A beautiful middle-aged woman posing for the camera with an oil lamp in hand - Celebrating the festivals
A south-Indian family get together at Diwali - walls decorated with flower garlands, family union, Diwali holiday
Diwali decoration - a beautiful middle-aged woman in Indian dress lighting up the oil lamp
South-Indian family happily posing for the camera on the occasion of Diwali - family pose, happy family
Loving aged couple talking while sipping hot tea - South Indian couple, decorated house, Diwali
A middle-aged villager with mobile phone at home - beautiful wife, village life, sitting on the floor, unemployed man
A middle-aged village couple chatting and posing for the camera - single room house, rental home, happy couple
A lower middle class Indian couple chatting and having tea together - rural household, poor family
Portrait of a middle-aged woman talking on her mobile while lying down on the bed - late night gossip, bedtime talk
Closeup shot of an Indian middle-aged woman's eyes - rolling her eyes, eye exercises, eye liner, Indian face
A middle-aged female nurse is doing a thumbs-up gesture while a sick man is resting - Indian nurse, Asian hospital
An aged patient wearing blue hospital clothes and a cannula is admitted to the hospital - old age, sick man, lonely patient
A middle-aged woman recovering from surgery - unconscious in hospital bed, post surgery care, medical recovery
A closeup of a doctor putting in a nasal oxygen tube - medical treatment, patient in coma, breathing problem
A senior male physician is checking the heart rate and chest issues of a sick lady in the hospital - medical checkup with a stethoscope
A senior Indian doctor puts an oxygen mask on his female patient - shortness of breath, oxygen respirator
A senior male doctor consulting and consoling his female patient in the hospital ward - empathy, personal care
A middle-aged Indian woman with head injury recovering in the hospital - post surgery rest, portable oximeter, blood saturation
A male doctor examines a female patient's eyesight - head injury, post surgery treatment, surgery care
Doctor checking the oxygen saturation level of a female patient - portable oximeter, pulse meter
Asian woman with head injury in hospital - middle-aged woman, severe headache, medical trouble, migraine, chronic attack, accident discomfort
A middle-aged Indian woman sipping tea / coffee in a hospital room - hospital care, hospital food, ecg monitor
Indian old male doctor checking X-ray or MRI report for his female patient - radiology, CT-scan, X-ray image
An aged male doctor / physician is checking the pulse rate of a sick female patient in hospital
A middle-aged female shushing with a finger on her lips while looking towards the camera - angry female, scolding
An Indian housewife is transferring mango pickle in a glass jar - Aachar, an Indian condiment, a homemade recipe
A middle-aged Indian woman is showing her pickle recipe on a video call - Indian spicy food