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Young Asian man in traditional Indian dress clicking a selfie - posing for Diwali celebration, Diwali lights
Indian man using a mobile phone - browsing smartphone. Diwali festival celebration
Indian man portrait - Talking on a mobile phone with colorful Diwali background
A middle-aged watchman doing morning prayers - worshipping God, religious man, Hindu religion
A closeup shot of a man wiping his shoes on a rucksack doormat - cleanliness and hygiene
Pushkar, Rajasthan, India, 10th November 2019, A young man in Rajasthani Padgi clicking a selfie with a local guy
Pushkar, Rajasthan, India, 10th November 2019, A Rajasthani man wearing a white turban twirling his long mustache while talking on a video call
Pushkar, Rajasthan, India, 10th November 2019, A middle-aged Rajasthani man wearing a white turban is talking on a mobile
Pushkar, Rajasthan, India, 10th November 2019, A middle-aged man putting his traditional turban - Rajasthani culture, long mustache
Pushkar, Rajasthan, India, 10th November 2019, An old man wearing a white Pagdi is smoking a hashish pipe / Chiliam / weed
Pushkar, Rajasthan, India, 10th November 2019, A bare chest man lashing himself with a whip at a Mela - man performing stunts, street performer
A poor man in his late forties is putting coins inside a piggybank - future planning, financial problem
A portrait of a rural male with stubble - posing for the camera, poor man, daily wage worker
An Indian man wearing a shirt and a trouser lighting a portable gas stove with a matchstick
A middle-aged rural man cooking food at home - slicing potato with a sharp knife, evening meal, poor family, single man
Close shot of a man playing the Dholak / Mridangam - Indian music instrument
A middle-aged man eating a Samosa - deep-fried, a tasty snack, unhealthy food, fried food
A handsome young man giving his beautiful wife a foot massage - relaxation, a tired housewife, Indian couple
A happy middle-aged Bengali man talking on his smartphone - leisure time, client call, laptop
A smiling young man waving his hand and recording a video - picnic, family time, modern-day parenting
A happy Indian father playing a blindfold game with his son - picnic in a park, blind man's bluff, a childhood game
A young Muslim man reading a holy book - an Islamic prayer in the morning, white skull cap
Hyderabad, Telangana, India, 1st/April/2020 - Portrait of a homeless Hindu sadhu with the cow - Poverty, holy man, roadside stall
Delhi, India, April/2020 - Man making paan - street side stall, betel leaf, local market, local seller, roadsides stalls, flavored paan
Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India, April/2020 - Portrait of a young man talking on the phone
A man in white kurta blowing gulal from his hand on the eve of Holi - colorful holi, Holi color sprinkle
A shot of smiling man cheering and posing for camera - festival of colors, Holi party
A young man dancing on Holi - Holi festival