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A man making Indian street food Jalebi, deep-frying of the flour batter
A handsome young man playing video games on television / computer at home
Portrait of a young man listening to music on the phone while lying down on a mat
Young man pumping his abdomen while doing crunches on a mat in the morning
A sporty man practicing yoga lesson inside a park in the morning - healthy lifestyle
A middle-aged man sitting on a sofa facing abdominal pain - fried food diet
Indian man having a headache while sitting on a sofa - medical and healthcare
Fit and healthy man in a medical mask for protection from pollution and diseases
Young Indian man chatting on phone wearing traditional kurta - festival concept
Frustrated Indian man sitting alone on the sofa on the occasion of Diwali
Medium shot of an attractive young man happily watching television - leisure time
Handsome man in shirt dressing up and adjusting the tie on the neck at home. Is going to work
Close-up shot of a man buttoning up his blazer - man dress up
Handsome Indian man getting dressed up for party looking in the mirror
Smart Indian young man sleeping with a blindfold, wake up and turn off the alarm on mobile phone
Close-up shot of a young man sitting while having tea and watching TV in the living room
Portrait of a healthy man having green tea after much restless work
Young Indian man applying the cream on the face with a shaving brush
Close-up portrait of a man wearing casual shoes and tying up laces
Indian barber shaving an old man's white hair head with a blade - Hindu Ritual of donating hair
Village scene of a man counting money and his wife cleaning food grain - rural concept
Close-up shot of a Muslim man praying at home during Ramadan - Namaz
40 year old man having a phone call - Indian male sitting on the sofa
Young Indian man holding Indian currency Rs 2000 notes - Doing monthly budget expenditure calculations
Young Indian man unpacking cartons - moving boxes
A tired handsome Indian man come back home and sit on the sofa - Corporate life, Digital Life, Hectic Schedule, No time for kids and Family
Young Indian man carefully making payment via his smartphone
Indian man checking phone notifications with a cup of tea in his hand