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Portrait of a young Indian male in casual clothes using mobile browsing internet
Young athletic male in leggings and T-shirt making an exercise plank in a park
Young male with Gulal on his face using his mobile on Holi festival celebration
Close up of an Indian male using smartphone and typing
Closeup shot of male barber's hands washing his client's hair in a barbershop
Male patient with a bandage on his head posing for the camera - physical injury, head injury, bandage on the head with blood stain
A young man offering water during Puja ceremony at Pushkar religious lake - religious place, travel and tourism
A concerned Indian lady consulting a male Indian doctor in a hospital room - care and support, caring mother
A male Indian doctor with a tongue depressor inspects a little girl's throat for infection - medical examination, pediatrician
A young male doctor / pediatrician checking the pulse rate of a little Inidan girl
An aged Indian couple doing a video call on a laptop at home - video conference, new age meeting, grandchildren
A portrait of a rural male with stubble - posing for the camera, poor man, daily wage worker
A displeased man sitting alone - depressed, stressed, stressed lifestyle, Indian villager
A middle-aged male tutor teaching kids - knowledge and education, home tuition, home tutor, kids studying
A handsome male wearing eyeglasses and a blue Kurta resting on his rocking chair - greeting people
A handsome male sitting on a rocking chair - relaxing and laughing, resting at home, retired life
A teenage boy uninterested in studying - hates studying, hates school work, final exam pressure, lazy boy
A male accountant counting Indian currency and doing calculations using a calculator - accounting
Three male friends from India - eating snacks, samosa, refreshments, delicious snacks, unhealthy food, trans fat food
A modern Indian Sikh man / caring father helping his little daughter in her studies - happy parenting, togetherness and bonding
Three male old friends chatting together sitting in the living room - Old age life, fun times
Portrait of an attractive Indian male drinking cool water in the early morning
Drunk Indian man checking his mobile while sitting alone at home - alcohol addiction, drug addiction
Indian businessman having alcohol while working on his laptop at night - stressful life, enjoying drinking at home, daily habits
A well-dressed young man with a beard smiling confidently for the camera - good-looking, a modern lifestyle
An attractive Bengali guy wearing eyeglasses reading a book in the living room - an interesting book, a favorite novel
An attractive male in traditional clothes resting / relaxing in the living room - a short nap
A handsome Bengali businessman doing his office work on his laptop - a remote job, COVID-19 lifestyle