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Portrait of a young Indian male in casual clothes using mobile browsing internet
Young athletic male in leggings and T-shirt making an exercise plank in a park
Young male with Gulal on his face using his mobile on Holi festival celebration
Close up of an Indian male using smartphone and typing
Closeup shot of male barber's hands washing his client's hair in a barbershop
Portrait of an attractive Indian male drinking cool water in the early morning
Drunk Indian man checking his mobile while sitting alone at home - alcohol addiction, drug addiction
Indian businessman having alcohol while working on his laptop at night - stressful life, enjoying drinking at home, daily habits
A well-dressed young man with a beard smiling confidently for the camera - good-looking, a modern lifestyle
An attractive Bengali guy wearing eyeglasses reading a book in the living room - an interesting book, a favorite novel
An attractive male in traditional clothes resting / relaxing in the living room - a short nap
A handsome Bengali businessman doing his office work on his laptop - a remote job, COVID-19 lifestyle
A young aspiring male doctor posing for the camera - stethoscope, doctor dress code, health and medical, a medical worker
Indian family - Grandfather, grandson, and father clicking a selfie - picnic in a park, fun time
Indian grandfather helping his young grandchild in painting - picnic, three generations, farmhouse
A young charming male suffering from cough and cold while sitting in his bedroom - seasonal flu, viral infection
A sick young guy consulting a specialist / medical practitioner on his smartphone - doctor's consultation at home, distant communication
An Indian young man wearing a woolen cap blowing his runny nose with a tissue paper - allergy, common cold, viral infection
An attractive male in a white Kurta playing Holi with his beautiful wife on a farm - Holi celebrations, organic colors
A middle-aged guy clicking a selfie on his mobile after voting in the elections - state elections, an Indian citizen, democratic country
A middle-aged guy shows his ink-marked finger on his left hand after voting - a registered voter, a responsible citizen, democratic country
A middle-aged lady officer checking the identity proof of the voters in an election office - mandatory documents, documentation
A male government officer putting a blue ink mark on the fingers of all the voters - Indian citizens, democracy, election booth, voting in India
An attractive male and female with their faces covered in Holi colors talking to each other - best friends, organic Gulal, a Hindu festival
Indian friends covered with colors and shopping online at-home - Internet use, online payment
A cheerful Indian youngster greeting people on Holi with a plate of traditional Gujia
A male officer wearing a medical / face mask checking electoral lists - Covid 19 lifestyle, Coronavirus pandemic, poll during corona
A male electoral officer checking voter identity - voting slips, identity proofs, an Indian citizen, Indian assembly elections, voting booth