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Close-up shot of a hairdresser washing hair of an Indian man - hair salon services, scalp treatment, grooming session
Portrait shot of a beautiful female with black hair giving a toothy smile looking at the camera
Frustrated woman with hair problems - trimming hair at home, after bath routine, poor hair health, hair care routine, hair problems
Closeup shot of a young girl giving a toothy smile - lifestyle concept, spa treatment, haircare, skincare, healthy hair, shining hair
Closeup shot of a young beautiful girl in traditional clothes giving a toothy smile - Diwali celebration, festive vibe
A pretty Indian girl combing her long black hair - lifestyle and fashion, North East Indian girl
A loving mom brushing her daughter's hair - hair care, mother-daughter bonding
A newly married couple browsing on a mobile phone in their living room - social media, good life
A smiling young girl wearing a colorful suit during the festive season - leisure time, casual wear, celebration time
A beautiful teenage girl with long black hair smiling while looking at the camera - posing, a modern lifestyle, photogenic
A smiling young girl combing / brushing her black long hair in front of a mirror - strong and healthy hair, hair care, hair mask, shiny hair
A beautiful young lady with long black hair standing in the living room - Fluffy hair, Silky hair, Stong hair, Haircare
A charming girl standing with a plate of brightly burning Diyas on Diwali
Portrait of a hungry Indian lady with long black hair eating snacks / biscuits at night
An exhausted female having severe back pain after spending long hours in the office
Water is sprayed / sprinkled on a healthy and green tropical vegetable plant
Indian loving mother doing the hair of her teenage daughter - Family bonding
Indian lady doing hair and head massage at-home - hair care
Cheerful young girl applying natural oil to her long curly hair for nourishment
Indian pretty woman with perfect skin taking hair oil from the bottle - beauty concept
An attractive teenager typing messages on her mobile while sitting at home
Young modern Indian female in winter dress cheerfully talking on the phone - happy moments
Attractive young Indian lady smiling while sitting in her home during the festive time
Newly Married Indian husband surprises wife with a necklace as a gift - Festival concept
An upset Indian teenager touching her frizzy dry hair looking in the mirror
Smart working lady straightening her beautiful long hair standing in front of a mirror
Smiling young girl getting ready in a traditional dress - Indian look
Beautiful Indian woman in traditional clothing performing Karwa Chauth rituals