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A cute little girl-child blowing a blow-out whistle at a Holi party - Holi celebrations, fun, leisure time
A happy father carrying his smiling little son on his shoulders at home
A happy little baby girl with beautiful eyes - cute Indian baby girl, baby with chubby cheeks
A loving Indian caring father patting his little daughter to sleep on his lap at home
A loving Indian father patting his little daughter to sleep on his lap at home - Young parents, Indian family, Nuclear family
A smart young father with his little daughter - reading a book, new skill, social development
Sweet little toddler in a pretty dress crawling on the floor in the living room - Learning to crawl, learning new skills, social development, physical development
A sweet little kid is feeling sad and unhappy after getting hurt while playing
A clean-shaven young man in casual clothes helping his little son to draw a sketch
Indian father scolding his little daughter for making mistakes in her studies
Smiling little kid in bunny ears playing peek a boo game at home - happy childhood
Cute little daughter showing love for her beautiful mother - South Indian Family
Happy little boy decorating and playing with the Christmas tree
Happy Indian Family on Christmas - Cute little girl hugging her parents and opening gift
Little girl feeding birthday cake to her mother and smearing her face
An affectionate Indian mother and her little daughter talking - covered in light blanket, monsoon season, warm clothing
A beautiful Indian mother and her little daughter playing the rock paper scissors game - enjoyable game, single mother
An angry and an annoyed Indian woman screaming / shouting at her little girl - parenting issues, confrontation
A caring Indian mother helping her little daughter with her homework - school assignments, mother-daughter bonding
An Indian beautiful little girl sitting on her father's lap and playing with him - togetherness and bonding, Bedtime play
A sweet little girl sitting on her mother's lap - mother-daughter bonding, family care, parenting
A sweet little boy helping his parents to enter debit / credit card details - online shopping, e-commerce website
A sweet little girl reading a storybook while sitting on her father's lap - happy parenting, an interesting book
A sweet little girl resting on her father's back - closeness, a piggyback ride, parenting, child care, girl care
An Indian husband-wife and their little daughter playing building blocks - happy parenting, nuclear family, caring young parents
An Indian housewife and her little daughter resting together on a comfortable sofa - mother-daughter bonding, a short nap
A caring Indian father helping his little daughter in completing her holiday homework - father-daughter bonding, leisure time
A sweet little girl hugging her parents sitting together in the living room - relationship and bonding, parenting, young Indian parents