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Closeup shot of a man talking on a video call and smiling - sitting at home
A young Indian woman wearing a pair of gloves painting house wall using roller brush - house relocation, moving to new house
Women relaxing at home - eating cookies and listening to music on headphones, high sugar content, unhealthy lifestyle, binge eating
An experienced lady doctor is examining a child patient with a stethoscope - chest examination, medical problem
A doctor checks the heartbeat of a little boy - breathing trouble, shortness of breath, heart issues, sick boy, medical issues
A middle-aged Indian doctor is using a stethoscope to listen to the heartbeat - a hospital room, medical care
A middle-aged Indian woman is reading a story book to her sick son in hospital - medical problem
Indian village family - mother and daughter doing a video call, on a smartphone, educated family
A lady doctor examining a female patient in an Indian village - Anganwadi worker, nurse, home checkup,
A middle-aged village woman with a primary care physician in the village - rural healthcare system
A middle-aged village couple and their teenage daughter with a government official - Use of technology in life
An educated government office - welfare schemes on laptops, computer education, creating awareness, Indian village home
A government officer explaining loan formalities to a female farmer - agricultural loans, new policies
A female government employee with a village mother and daughter - Indian village, government scheme, insurance policy
A social worker educating Indian villagers - Indian people in villages, village home
A middle-aged Indian lady doctor is using a stethoscope to check the patient - a hospital checkup, a female patient
A young Indian father and his little daughter are reading a book - nighttime story, bedtime, favorite past time, kids education
A middle-aged lady doctor is listening to a little girl's heartbeat with a stethoscope - shortness of breath, medical issue
A middle-aged lady narrating a story to her sick little daughter in a hospital room
Closeup shot of a young Indian athlete sweating in the gym - intense workout session, female sports enthusiast, North East Indian girl
An Indian female athlete doing warm up and running exercises - healthy lifestyle, indoor gym, North East Indian girl
An attractive Indian lady with blue headphones is listening to music on a mobile - playlist, favorite songs, North East Indian girl
A sweet little girl checking her mother's heartbeat with a stethoscope toy - nurse doctor role play
A middle-aged Indian guy talking on a video call - use of technology, mobile phone penetration
Shot of a freshly prepared green tea in a cup - morning tea, beverage
A bearded Indian guy with headphones watching an online video on a laptop - late night
An old Indian lady is talking on a smartphone while sitting in her living room - social time
A senior businesswoman/freelance worker is doing her office work on a laptop - an internet connection