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Young Indian woman reading a novel in her leisure time while lying in a garden
A young woman listening to good music on her smartphone at night in a dark room
An attractive lady with black hair eating chips / wafers while watching television - Binge eating
A young cheerful mother watching cartoons with her child
An attractive Indian girl reading a book at home in her leisure time
An elder sister playing with her younger sibling - Spending quality time with kids
Cute Indian baby girl with black hair playing with colorful plastic toys in her leisure time
Beautiful girlfriends with long black hair enjoying dancing - partying at home
A pretty college student reading an interesting storybook in her leisure time
Portrait of a young boy in his thirties spending time on social media
A young man eating snacks while studying under a tree in a beautiful park
Mother-daughter enjoying their favorite program on television - leisure moment
Mature couple enjoying their favorite TV program at home - leisure time
Loving father giving delicious ice cream to his daughter - happy family moments
Mother-daughter enjoying evening snacks and tea while cooking in the kitchen
Old Indian lady with spectacles reading a book indoors - book reading hobby
Pretty Indian girl playing indoor games with her mother and grandmother - Quarantine life
Cute little school-age girl cuddling her favorite soft doll sitting at her home - Indian kid
A lovely Indian woman reading an interesting book indoors - stay home concept
Two happy Indian females chatting while sitting on the sofa at home - family time
Teenage Indian daughter talking to her loving mother - Mother-daughter bonding
Happy teenager enjoying winter at home while reading a storybook at home
Lovely teenager relaxing at home in India during winter - leisure time
Modern elderly couple spending their leisure time at home - urban lifestyle
An attractive teenager typing messages on her mobile while sitting at home
Pretty young lady browsing her mobile while having morning tea / coffee - leisure time
Young Indian woman busy reading a novel while drinking tea/coffee
Young North Indian farmer smoking Bidi or Beedi in his green agricultural farm