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A young couple in discussion - Checking mobile in leisure time
Young Indian woman reading a novel in her leisure time while lying in a garden
A modern Indian couple watching television together - leisure time, favorite program
An old man with a young boy in the park - leisure time
Pushkar, Rajasthan, India, 10th November 2019, A handsome man in traditional attire enjoying an ice cream
A young Indian girl playing a tug of war game in the park - outdoor sport, physical strength
Smiling Indian mother and daughter clicking pictures in different poses - leisure time, a fun activity
A happy Indian mother is playing with her little kid while tickling her - a happy family, parenting
A young mother-daughter duo is watching their favorite program together on television - leisure time, fun and entertainment
A loving mom brushing her daughter's hair - hair care, mother-daughter bonding
A cheerful Indian husband-wife with their son - happy parenting, leisure time, middle-class family, nuclear family, single child
A middle-aged Indian couple chatting over a cup of tea - free time, togetherness and bonding, lovely couple
A beautiful Indian mother and her little daughter playing the rock paper scissors game - enjoyable game, single mother
A modern Indian family watching their favorite movie together on Tv - fun and entertainment, leisure time, family bonding
An Indian lady in her forties talking on her mobile - gossip, time pass, leisure time
A young man in his 40's working from home - an Indian household, a middle-aged businessman
A middle-aged Indian couple together at home - togetherness and bonding, quality time, couple bonding, nuclear family
The top shot of a beautiful Indian lady lying on the bed - happy time, relaxing at home, me time at home
An old lady watching an online video/movie late at night - fun and entertainment, leisure time
An old Indian couple and their children playing a board game - a childhood game, happy nuclear family, retired parents
A young boy in casual clothes is talking to his father - togetherness and bonding, leisure time, father and son bonding
A happy aged couple is talking on a video call with their grandchildren - leisure time, online call
A beautiful female college student is reading a book / novel - a hobby, a favorite pasttime, lying down
A loving Indian father and his adorable son enjoy playing a video game together - a gaming console
A cheerful Indian family - Small nuclear family having a good time together - leisure activity, family bonding
Two middle-aged Indian gentlemen talking together while sitting in a hotel room - vacation time, togetherness and bonding
Two friends talking while relaxing in the hotel room - best friends, togetherness and bonding
A bearded Indian guy with headphones watching an online video on a laptop - late night