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Tired Indian kid sleeping in his father's lap while sitting on a garden's bench - lifestyle families
A little boy sits on Santa's lap - gets a Christmas gift
An Indian boy sleeping on his grandmother's lap while she pats him off to sleep
A young parents with a young baby - Nuclear family, Indian family
A young married couple drinking tea / coffee while sitting together on the bed
A loving Indian father patting his little daughter to sleep on his lap at home - Young parents, Indian family, Nuclear family
Responsible parents comforting / consoling their crying little daughter
Loving Indian mother holding and patting her little girl child to sleep - maternal care
An adorable little kid in casual clothes greeting his father with a tight hug
A cute baby child in a casual dress crying while sitting on her father's lap
Small daughter reading a storybook sitting on her father's lap - happy childhood
Smiling father and cute daughter having fun while playing hand clap game
An Indian father and daughter clicking a selfie on their mobile - modern technology
Girl relaxing on mother's lap helping her put card details for online shopping
A young executing filling form for the new mother - working on a laptop, work from home
Young baby medical consultation at home - Doctor home visit, doctor consultation, baby checkup
A loving Indian caring father patting his little daughter to sleep on his lap at home
A loving Indian mother playing with her adorable daughter in the bedroom
A cheerful kid using his smartphone to click a selfie with his teddy bear while sitting on a bench
An adorable little kid and his Indian dad watching television together at home
Portrait of an adorable boy sleeping on his mother's lap while she is patting him
An adorable child sleeping peacefully on his father's lap
Young Indian sisters checking their smartphones while relaxing on the bed at home
An affectionate village mother talking to her son while he is sitting on her lap
Girl sitting on her father's lap reading a storybook with him - modern parenting
Loving father cuddling his tired and sleepy child sitting outdoors in the park
Portrait of an adorable little girl sleeping on her father's lap - happy childhood
Lovely girl child reading a storybook while sitting on her father's lap outdoors