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A beautiful Indian female in a traditional dress saree lighting a brass Diwali lamp - Diyas during a festival
An Indian female in Indian dress - Saree decorating a floral Rangoli for Diwali decoration - Diwali diyas, Diwali preparation
Diwali celebration with Diwali crackers - Indian couple burning sparklers during the Diwali festival, Hindu festival
Diwali preparation - An Indian man and his wife doing Diwali decorations, Hindu festival, floral decoration
Diwali decoration and preparation - A nuclear Indian family celebrating Diwali, colorful background, Diwali lights, festive season
Diya with kept in front of Ganesh Ji and Lakshmi Devi - Diwali
Ganesh Ji / Ganpati and Laksmi Devi are kept on a decorated platform with sweets - traditional Indian sweets
An Indian husband is giving a surprise gift to his beautiful wife at home - Diwali celebrations
A well-lit clay lamp kept near the idols of Lord Ganesha and goddess Laxmi - Diwali celebrations
A young guy in traditional Rajasthani dress lighting oil lamps and seeking God's blessings - worship, religious faith and belief
A beautiful housewife and her husband - Busy parents
A married couple celebrating the festival of Diwali with a plate of well lit Diyas
Colorful envelope / Lifaafa with Diwali gifts at home
A woman keeping a silver coin in a Kalash - an auspicious occasion
Lighting an earthen Diya with a matchstick kept on rose petals - celebration time
Woman lighting colorful Diyas for the festive season - a Hindu festival
An attractive lady enjoying taking a selfie with burning Diyas on the Diwali festival
A young and beautiful woman playing with sparkles while celebrating Diwali
A pretty woman keeping brightly burning Diyas on a table - Diwali celebrations
A loving mother and daughter decorating a traditional Rangoli with Diyas
Newly married Indian woman checking her phone holding a plate of oil lamps - Diwali decoration
Tilt shot of different Diwali items for decorating home interiors - Indian festival
Indian army officer talking to his father and wife at the breakfast table - Serious discussion in Sikh family
Happy Indian Sikh family - Father as Army officer. Fun time at the dining table during breakfast
Happy Sikh Indian family eating together at home - family concept. Grandfather, father, mother, and grandson
Indian Punjabi lady in ethnic wear serving food to her family with love - Army man with his father, son, and wife
Indian family having breakfast together at a dining table. Surd army man on a phone call
Indian Husband tying beautiful necklace around wife's neck as a gift - Couple in Love