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Relax and spa concept - Lady with face mask putting cucumber slices on her eyes
An old lady suffering from headache and suffering pain
An elderly lady enjoying a cup of tea / coffee sitting with her daughter
Portrait of an aged lady cheerfully looking at the camera - positive emotions
A medium shot of an old lady talking on a mobile amidst green farmlands
A medium shot of an old lady of a village cleaning the rice which is in a plate
An elderly lady of a village using wooden beads and a holy book to chant God's name
Portrait of an Indian Bengali lady getting ready in traditional attire and applying Sindur
Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, 17th November 2021, A middle-aged lady making a painting in the exhibition
Lady adding a sugar cube into a cup of tea - Indian tea preparation
Portrait of a young woman with black hair talking on her mobile in her leisure time
Portrait of a young lady doing the Gomukhasana sitting on the bed - Yoga
Portrait of a cheerful young lady talking to her friends / relatives on the loudspeaker
A sick Indian woman having cough and cold drinking a cup of hot tea / coffee
A cheerful young lady talking on the mobile while sitting in her bedroom
Portrait of a young lady with blue headphones watching a video on her laptop
A lady wearing red bangles while getting ready to go out
A young girl wishing her family and friends while talking on the phone during Diwali
An attractive lady holding a Puja Thaali with a Kalash on the occasion of Diwali
A pretty lady with beautiful earrings during the festive season at home
Beautiful lady in a pretty Saree hugging her partner while holding a gift box - a celebration time
An attractive female wearing colorful jewelry holding a well-lit Diya for Diwali
Fisheye angle of a young girl video call - Closeup camera
A young girl offering a colorful gift to her guests on the occasion of Diwali
A beautiful girl holding a well lit Diya / oil lamp during a Hindu festival
An attractive lady enjoying taking a selfie with burning Diyas on the Diwali festival
A beautiful woman holding a brightly burning clay Diya to celebrate Diwali
Young Indian female laughing while talking on a mobile with a festive background