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A young Indian lady is preparing flower garlands (Mala) for Diwali Puja in traditional wear - celebration time, South Indian
Closeup shot of an Indian female lighting a brass Diwali lamp - Diyas during a festival, opening ceremony
A young Indian girl in her twenties with brightly lit Diyas - Deepavali celebrations, fair Asian girl
A pretty Indian woman keeping brightly burning Diyas - Diwali celebrations, Indian famous festival
A pretty woman keeping brightly burning Diyas on a table - Diwali celebrations, Onam, Housewarming, Diwali puja
A happy Indian woman with a plate of oil lamps - Diwali celebrations, Diwali diyas, Diwali lights
A young Indian girl sorting Diwali lights for Diwali decoration - multicolored LED lights, decorative lights, Chinese lights
A pretty Indian woman with multicolored decorative lights for Deepavali, Onam, Baisakhi, Indian festival, smiling girl
A young lady wearing a pretty saree and holding a Diwali Diya - Diwali celebrations, festival decoration, portrait
A beautiful woman holding a brightly burning clay Diya to celebrate Diwali - smiling Asian girl
An attractive female wearing colorful jewellery holding a well-lit Diya for Diwali, New house, Indian culture
A pretty female in traditional dress putting a bindi on her forehead - Indian ritual, festival vibe, Indian festival season
Beautiful Indian woman with laddu plate in her hand - Indian sweets, offering sweets, traditional mithai
A young expectant mother suffering from pain during her pregnancy at home - need medical care
An attractive female petting a baby to make him sleep - caring mother, new mother, mother-baby bonding, happy parenting
An expecting woman lying in bed - stomach ache, unpleasant pregnancy, tough pregnancy, unhealthy, nursing care
A happy young pregnant woman eating a bowl of fresh fruits - eating healthy diet, nutrition during pregnancy
A tired and upset Indian mother having sleepless nights while taking care of her new born - sleepless baby, parenting
A young Indian mother puts on soft and dry diaper for her baby - young nurse with 1-month-old baby, Indian baby boy
A female babysitter wiping a sweet little child with baby wipes - body sponge, female nurse at home, baby care
A young and beautiful mother massaging her adorable kid with baby oil - doula taking care of baby, nurse massaging the baby
A young girl comforts her stressed pregnant sister during pregnancy - doula services, home care, unborn baby ultrasound report
A pregnant woman holding baby shoes - unborn child at home, expecting mother dreams, Asian woman, happy mother
A tired pregnant lady relaxing in the bed - touching her tummy while sleeping, baby kicks from the womb
Closeup shot of a new-born boy in his mother's lap - affectionate mother playing with her son, healthy baby, 1-month-old baby
A young Indian woman playing with her new-born baby - healthy new born, normal pregnancy, natural delivery, healthy mother
A future-to-be mother healthy food for balanced nutrition - eating bananas, fruit bowl, fruit salad
A pregnant Indian woman eating fruit salad for healthy diet - good diet for unborn baby, healthy woman, nutritious food