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A middle-aged Indian lady doctor is using a stethoscope to check the patient - a hospital checkup, a female patient
A lady doctor checking body temperature of a female patient with a thermometer - viral infection, seasonal flu, heady injury, injured patient
An old Indian lady is talking on a smartphone while sitting in her living room - social time
An old Indian lady wearing a pair of eyeglasses is reading a book - a book reading hobby
A beautiful Indian lady with long hair sitting on a big and comfortable chair in the living room
A beautiful Muslim lady wearing a headscarf doing a Saalam-Alaikum gesture - Eid celebrations, hello by Mohammedans
Closeup shot of a shy village lady / female farmer standing in her agricultural field - green farmland, Indian agriculture
An attractive lady from an Indian village counting money - an Independent woman, monthly income, saving, financial literacy
Relax and spa concept - Lady with face mask putting cucumber slices on her eyes
An old lady suffering from headache and suffering pain
An elderly lady enjoying a cup of tea / coffee sitting with her daughter
Portrait of an aged lady cheerfully looking at the camera - positive emotions
A medium shot of an old lady talking on a mobile amidst green farmlands
A medium shot of an old lady of a village cleaning the rice which is in a plate
An elderly lady of a village using wooden beads and a holy book to chant God's name
Portrait of an Indian Bengali lady getting ready in traditional attire and applying Sindur
A young Indian lady using her touchscreen mobile during office hours - green screen shoot, green mobile screen
Close shot of typing on a smartphone screen - green screen shoot, chroma key, phone usage
A happy Indian woman with her gift box - a Diwali gift, a festive season, a celebration time
Indian man giving a Diwali gift to his beautiful wife - Diwali celebration, Indian family, Indian couple
A beautiful Indian mother with her sweet little daughter - sharing secrets, Diwali celebrations
A pretty Indian lady decorating her little girl's hand with Henna / Mehendi - Diwali celebrations, Indain culture
An affectionate Indian mother giving a surprise gift to her young daughter - Diwali celebrations
Indian mother and daughter celebrating Indian Hindu festival Diwali at home - colorful background
A middle-aged Indian lady and her cute daughter - festive season, decorated wall, background lights
Well-dressed Indian woman using her phone while holding a Puja thali with Diwali diyas - Diwali celebration
An Indian lady with a Puja Thali on Diwali - Puja rituals, Diwali diyas, Diwali puja, traditional dress saree
A young woman is performing online Karwa Chauth Aarti with a Puja Thali - digital world, Karwa-Chauth celebrations