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A beautiful Indian lady with long hair sitting on a big and comfortable chair in the living room
A beautiful Muslim lady wearing a headscarf doing a Saalam-Alaikum gesture - Eid celebrations, hello by Mohammedans
Closeup shot of a shy village lady / female farmer standing in her agricultural field - green farmland, Indian agriculture
An attractive lady from an Indian village counting money - an Independent woman, monthly income, saving, financial literacy
Relax and spa concept - Lady with face mask putting cucumber slices on her eyes
An old lady suffering from headache and suffering pain
An elderly lady enjoying a cup of tea / coffee sitting with her daughter
Portrait of an aged lady cheerfully looking at the camera - positive emotions
A medium shot of an old lady talking on a mobile amidst green farmlands
A medium shot of an old lady of a village cleaning the rice which is in a plate
An elderly lady of a village using wooden beads and a holy book to chant God's name
Portrait of an Indian Bengali lady getting ready in traditional attire and applying Sindur
Delhi NCR, India, 21st June 2022, A female cooking food inside a big Degchi, road side eatery
Lady's hand dipping a slice of paneer into Besan / gram flour to make a tasty snack - pakodas, fritters, Indian dish, evening snack
A middle-aged lady putting a small red Bindi on her forehead looking into a mirror - South Indian in traditional dress
A handsome guy putting a beautiful Gajra on his wife's hair - festive feel, romantic couple, South Indian couple, South India, Indian diversity
A cheerful Indian lady wearing a colorful hat cutting and blowing a candle on a cake - a birthday celebration, party time
A pretty lady wearing a printed top drinking a cup of hot tea / coffee - a beverage
A charming young man with her beautiful wife- surprise gift, auspicious occasion, love and affection, birthday gift, anniversary gift
A beautiful lady in a sleeveless top gives a toothy smile while posing for the camera - a modern lifestyle, relaxation
A sweet little girl giving a warm hug to her affectionate mother - parent-child bonding, love and affection, young Indian mother
A pretty Bengali woman happily offering a Paan with Supari to her guests - an auspicious occasion
A middle-aged angry Bengali female shouting and yelling on a video call - freaking out, stressed
A middle-aged Bengali lady in a traditional Sari serving food to her family members - delicious food, homecooked cuisine
A Muslim mother wearing a hijab reading holy book with her daughter - learning and education, following culture
A beautiful Muslim woman in traditional clothes reading the Quran at home - a holy book, ritual, culture
A young Muslim mother and her cute daughter clicking a selfie together on a mobile - modern lifestyle
An attractive Muslim lady posing for the camera - festive season, beautiful