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Relax and spa concept - Lady with face mask putting cucumber slices on her eyes
An old lady suffering from headache and suffering pain
An elderly lady enjoying a cup of tea / coffee sitting with her daughter
Portrait of an aged lady cheerfully looking at the camera - positive emotions
A medium shot of an old lady talking on a mobile amidst green farmlands
A medium shot of an old lady of a village cleaning the rice which is in a plate
An elderly lady of a village using wooden beads and a holy book to chant God's name
Portrait of an Indian Bengali lady getting ready in traditional attire and applying Sindur
Beautiful hands of a lady keeping a bread slice to make a healthy vegetarian sandwich
Charming Indian woman wearing a white shawl knitting sweater sitting on the sofa
Indian girl dipping cotton in a medical solution to put on her painful injury
Indian village lady sitting on a mat and studying during the night - adult education
A tired lady sitting on a sofa with pain in her knee - medical and treatment
Affectionate husband gives a surprise gift to his wife - togetherness and bonding
Modern Indian woman helping her businessman husband to wear a coat while getting ready - Happily Married
An old lady tasting the delicious cake made by her daughter - home cooking
A young woman with a party cap cutting her birthday cake sitting with family
Old Indian lady with spectacles reading a book indoors - book reading hobby
Aged Indian woman having soup / kadha at her home - home treatment for Coronavirus / COVID
Young caregiver feeding soup to her sick elderly patient - health and nutrition
Portrait of a mature Indian lady filing up a form sitting on a couch indoors
Young professional employee explaining the paperwork to an old woman
A senior lady doctor checking the fever / temperature of a child with her hands
A concerned mother visiting a doctor for her little daughter's treatment
Unhealthy young Indian lady suffering from seasonal virus disease - COVID / Coronavirus
A lovely Indian woman reading an interesting book indoors - stay home concept
Pretty young Indian woman browsing the internet on mobile - modern technology
A lonely elderly woman suffering from cold, cough, and chest pain - flu / coronavirus