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A village brother and sister playfully fighting with each other - family bonding
Adorable rural brother-sister enjoying while playing hand clap games - Happy Indian family
A caring village mother offering a warm glass of milk to her son and daughter - Beti Bachao Beti Padhao
A village mother caring for her son while ignoring her daughter - Gender discrimination and inequality
A teenage sister and his brother smiling - Indian village home
An adorable small child with her mother - Indian village home
Indian village - Happy family in rural India. Gender equality - Beti Bachao Beti Padhao
Indian mother teaching cooking to the daughter while son studying with his father
Happy village family - Parents and their two children spending time together
Two school-going children posing cheerfully for the camera - child education
Mother and father happily caring for their newborn child - parenthood
Indian village mother putting her newborn baby to sleep - mother and child moment
Indian village mother helping her son to get ready for school with school bag - parental care
Village woman helping her son to get ready for school - parent-child relationship and care
Young boy and girl (Sibling) sitting on the ground and doing homework - Indian village
A small school-going child completing his homework sitting alone at home
Little son hugging his pregnant mother's belly with love and smile - new life concept
A small village kid hugging and holding his father from back and posing for the camera
School-going kid hugging his father from behind while he is working on a laptop
Caring Indian father sitting with his young child teaching him things on a laptop
Loving village mother patting the head of her sad son - mother-child relationship
Rural Indian housewife talking on her smartphone while working in the kitchen - Rural family in India
Rural housewife helping her children in studies while making dinner in the kitchen
An Indian housewife of a village helping her children to complete their homework
Rural father gets a call while he helps his children in studies - Happy family
Middle-aged farmer helping son and daughter in their studies - lifestyle family
Cheerful village couple and two children posing for the camera at their home - Happy nuclear family
Cute little village schoolgirl happily playing with a paper airplane at home