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A glass of plum juice with fresh plums kept on the table
A couple of red plum fruit rolling down a wooden chopping board on a jute mat - a healthy fruit
Slicing a red plum using a sharp knife - refreshing drink, fruit juice, healthy fruit drink
A middle-aged Indian husband-wife eating food - Gujarati snacks, homemade food, family bonding
An affectionate Indian mother feeding a Khaman Dhokla and juice to her son - happy parenting, local cuisine
A caring Indian father feeding Dhokla and juice to his young daughter - Gujarati snack, father-daughter bonding
A happy Gujarati family - husband wife and young kids having food, family time, small nuclear family, mealtime
An elderly couple and their children partying at home - drinking juice, refreshing drink, celebration time
An aged Indian housewife eating Samosa - Indian street food, deep-fried, stuffed samosa, unhealthy food, trans fat, oily food
A middle-aged Indian man is feeding a cake to his adorable daughter - Indian grandfather, teenage Indian girl, part time
A loving son celebrating his father's birthday - celebration time, party at home, small nuclear family, happy family
Old couple celebrating silver jubilee marriage anniversary - blowing out candles, cutting a cake, happy time
A happy Indian middle-aged couple and two young kids eating food together - delicious food, Gujarati snack
Young Indian mother offering a glass of juice to her son while studying - caring mother, young mother
A happy middle-aged Indian couple and their son and daughter eating tasty snacks - popular Gujarati cuisine
An old Indian woman eating Gulaab Jamuns - an Indian sweet, a tasty dessert, a sweet tooth
A happy middle-aged guy in his late forties Gulaab Jamuns - an Indian sweet, a sweet tooth, a tasty dessert, evening snack time
A middle-aged man eating a Samosa - deep-fried, a tasty snack, unhealthy food, fried food
An Indian couple and their children doing a party at home - tasty snacks - delicious food, party time
An old Indian lady feeding cake to her cheerful granddaughter - an Indian grandparent, a happy family
A cheerful granddaughter is feeding cake to her grandmother - homemade, get-together, elderly care
A middle-aged man in his late forties cutting a birthday cake with his wife and grandchildren - celebration time, cake cutting
An old Indian lady watching television in night - having snacks, fun and entertainment
A small young boy with curly hair drinking a glass of juice while doing his homework
A caring Indian mother offers a glass of juice to her daughter while she is studying - mother-daughter bonding, a refreshing drink
Portrait of an Indian girl pouring out some fresh orange juice in glass slowly
A young boy from South India drinking tender coconut water - summertime, nutritious food
A happy Indian brother-sister drinking tender coconut - summertime, a refreshing drink, traditional South Indian dress