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A beautiful female babysitter holding a sweet infant in her arms - family bonding, work flexibility, a tough life
A cheerful baby girl in the park with her young parents - father-daughter bonding, a piggyback ride, family picnic in a park
An affectionate father lifting up his cheerful infant - a happy childhood, relationship and togetherness
A beautiful baby girl enjoys playing with a pink colored balloon attached to a string - a fun activity, a happy childhood
A cute baby girl learning to walk - Playing with a colorful balloon, happy childhood, freedom, a fun activity
Indian family picnic in a farmhouse - Young parents with their girl and infant - family bonding, happy parenting
A charming beautiful baby girl learning to crawl while sitting on the bed
A smiling healthy cute baby girl sitting up on the bed alone in the room
A sweet little baby boy learning to crawl lying down alone in the modern bedroom
A sweet baby boy crying and looking for mother attention - young infant, baby boy
Portrait of a sweet adorable infant sitting alone on a comfortable bed
Young baby medical consultation at home - Doctor home visit, doctor consultation, baby checkup
A caring Indian mother sitting in the living room and playing with her cute infant
An affectionate Indian mother holding her newborn cute baby girl in her arms
An attractive female nurse holding a little crying baby girl - Baby in tears, crying toddler
A smiling Indian mother soothing her unhappy little daughter - young parent, crying baby
Caring Indian mother force-feeding orange juice to her little baby in a bottle
A caring Indian mother feeding a tasty meal / breakfast to her little daughter - Feeding kids
A cute infant playing with her parents in the living room - Working husband and housewife, after office hours, tired male
A tired Indian mother and her little baby girl resting together on the sofa
A cheerful village lady with her newborn baby - village home, caring mother, winter season, single mother
Single parent feeding her newborn child with a spoon while sitting on the bed - ready-made food, formula feed
A young family - Father, mother, and an infant spending time in their bedroom
Closeup shot of a sweet little infant with her father - sweet bubbly baby, cute kid, cute baby
A young beautiful mother playing with her cute baby - parenting, childhood, happy family
An office manager on a business call while working from home on her laptop
Cheerful Indian mother and her little infant watching an online video / cartoon on mobile phone
A cheerful adorable baby playing with many colorful balloons attached to a string - a happy childhood, baby development