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Textile plant in India - Large scale industry in India. Machine automation and advance technology
Craftsman making handmade lac bangles popular in India - Small scale industry
Surat, India - April 2017: Circular knitting machine knits seamless knitwear products in a textile industry
Surat, India - April 2017: Closeup shot of a circular jacquard knitting machine working in a textile Industry
Automation in textile plant - cloth manufacturing workshop in India
Pan shot of different textile machines in the cloth manufacturing workshop
Technical automation in textile factory - Thread machine used in the production of the clothing industry
Two Indian workers collecting cardboard sheets from roller pasting machine
Closeup shot of a cardboard paper roll being pulled to make cardboard boxes
Indian workers cutting paper using the manual guillotine paper cutting machine
Young worker cutting paper roll using a manual guillotine paper cutting machine
A creative team of successful fashion designers discussing the latest trends in the fashion industry
Shot of man dipping metal rod in boiling sand at an industry
Workers taking out hot metal pieces from the furnace at a workshop
Worker polishing metal with grinder - sparks coming out in process
A skilled laborer welds with brazing torch on metal at an industry
Shot of a man cleaning the extra wax/ grease from the metal
Shot of metal cutting with an electrical grinder with fire sparks
Hardworking worker working at a metal industry in India
Shot of a man working on grinding machine at an industry unit in India
A machine operator operates on old lathe machine
Textile Industry - Shot of workers passing threads into the heddles before weaving the fabric
Block Printing - Indian worker block printing in the textile industry
Block Printing - Handmade block printing in the textile industry
Closeup shot of an automated lathe machine in the manufacturing industry
A labor polishing industrial metal with a machine in India
Two hardworking Indian workers polishing the industrial metal with grinder at a workshop
An Indian worker cleaning the metal surface with knife in an industry