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Caring Indian husband touching his wife's forehead to check her body temperature
Indian woman exhaling smoke from her mouth while smoking a cigarette
Closeup shot - An Indian female lighting up a toxic cigarette and smoking
Side view - Addicted young female puffing a toxic cigarette and exhaling smoke
Closeup shot - Indian girl smoking a cigarette against a black background
Hands of an Indian artist making clay sculptures of Hindu Goddess Saraswati
Indian craftsman hand painting Ma Saraswati's statue with a paint spraying tool
Tilt shot - Professional craftsman spraying paint on the statue of Ma Saraswati
Indian craftsman painting Ma Sarswati's statue for Saraswati Puja
Artist spraying paint on the idols of Goddess Lakshmi, Parvati, and Saraswati
Tilt shot of a beautifully painted sculpture of Hindu idol Goddess Saraswati
Tilt shot of a professional craftsman painting Goddess Saraswati's statue - Indian festival
A professional artist spraying paint on the statues of different deities - Indian festival
Hands of an Indian artist painting Ma Saraswati's sculpture with a paintbrush
Newly Married Indian husband surprises wife with a necklace as a gift - Festival concept
A beautiful newly married Indian couple celebrating Diwali and offering besan ladoo
A Young Indian man in ethnic attire offering a wrapped Diwali gift
A smart woman with a blackboard/copy space for breast cancer awareness
Young aspiring woman doctor with a stethoscope and a pink cancer ribbon
An aspiring doctor with a stethoscope happily showing her first stipend
Young expecting wife welcoming her future child - happy maternity moment
Ambitious working lady saving her money to buy a dream house for herself
Portrait of a cheerful smiling girl with money and a model of her dream car
Modern Indian woman holding a mom to be tag and smiling
Smart beautiful female with a medical syringe on her lips - cosmetology concept
Portrait of a sick Indian female smiling while recovering from her illness
Young cancer patient feeling depressed and sorrowful about her illness
Sad and sick Indian woman unhappy, crying and wiping tears because of her illness