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A sweet Indian kid reading a book with his father - bonding
Indian saint sitting outside a temple
Handsome Indian guy with a toothache. Green screen / Chroma shoot
Two beautiful Indian girls spending leisure time at their home
Young Indian girl - Sad during Diwali celebrations
Indian husband-wife holding a well-lit clay Diya on the occasion of Diwali - Love and Bonding
Small Indian family - Celebrating Diwali together, Clicking a selfie during Diwali
A beautiful Indian girl enjoying eating homemade Laddus in the festive season
An Indian woman clicking a selfie while holding a wax Diya in her hand
Indian couple wishing their guests a Happy Diwali with a bowl of sweets
Young Indian brother and his cute sister doing Puja on the auspicious festival
A North Indian family happily doing a religious Diwali Puja together at home
An Indian family happily showering flower petals while doing Diwali Puja
An Indian couple giving gifts to their son and daughter on the occasion of Diwali
An Indian husband-wife wishing their friends on Diwali on a video call
A white ceramic plate with assorted Indian pulses rotating on a turntable
Fox nut salad - tasty and healthy Indian food
Popular Indian street food Aloo Tikki and Chaat being deep-fried. Unhealthy food
A street vendor deep frying Indian flatbread Paratha in hot oil
A sack full of star anise spice and powdered Jeera - Indian spices
Pan shot of turmeric powder, fenugreek leaves, and cumin powder - Indian spices
Pretty Indian sisters sitting on the bed at home using a laptop together
An upset Indian girl is in pain / sorrow after a breakup - relationship problems
An Indian girl wearing a black printed T-shirt applying nail polish on her best friend's hand
An Indian chef shaping dough to prepare fresh homemade pizza at home - tasty food
Sick Indian woman taking pills with a glass of water at home. Drinking water
Portrait of a tired farmer washing his face after a hard day's work in the field - Indian village
A lady is eating an Indian traditional sweet / Laddu on Raksha Bandhan festival