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Fresh coriander leaves sprinkled to garnish Dal Makhani - famous Indian dish
Mehendi ceremony - Indian wedding. Mother giving blessings to her daughter. Indian bride
Friends posing for pictures with an Indian bride-to-be during a traditional function
Attractive relatives/friends feeding a Punjabi bride some Indian sweets on stage
Indian bride in a wedding dress with her sister and friend - Happy and smiling
Indian bride and groom taking Pheras around the sacred fire while priest performing wedding rituals
Attractive Indian male preparing and eating bread with tomato/sandwich for breakfast
Friends taking selfies with the Indian bride and groom after their Jaimala ceremony
Smiling Indian bride dressed in traditional outfit and jewelry talking on a smartphone
Closeup shot of a sweet little infant with her father - sweet bubbly baby, cute kid, cute baby
A smiling young couple with happy faces looking at the web camera - video call, nuclear Indian family
A female taking care of her baby while talking on the phone - young parents, Indian mother
Young Indian parents in the nuclear family playing with their sweet toddler - mother-child bonding, parents bonding
A loving Indian caring father patting his little daughter to sleep on his lap at home
A loving Indian mother playing with her adorable daughter in the bedroom
A caring Indian mother sitting in the living room and playing with her cute infant
An Indian grandfather and his grandson holding and waving the National Flag
An Indian grandfather and his young grandson sitting and talking in a public park
A happy Indian mother doing a video call with her little daughter - social communication
Loving parents helping their adorable little daughter to wear shoes while tying laces
Young first-time parents taking care of their baby - Talking to baby, social development
Parents holding their baby girl feet - Indian custom and tradition, Rituals
A loving Indian father patting his little daughter to sleep on his lap at home - Young parents, Indian family, Nuclear family
An Indian couple lying in bed and browsing mobile phones - couple fight, angry parents
A caring mother putting Kala Teeka on her little baby's feet - baby care, parenting, Indian ritual, custom and tradition
A caring Indian mother massaging her baby - Baby massage, healthy baby, baby routine, caring parents, strong bones
A young Indian mom holding and soothing her daughter - mother-daughter boding, new born baby
An affectionate Indian mother holding her newborn cute baby girl in her arms