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Medium shot of young Indian girl applying mascara on her eyelashes - makeup concept
Hands of Indian brother and sister celebrating the festival of Raksha Bandhan
School-going kid hugging his father from behind while he is working on a laptop
Rural father gets a call while he helps his children in studies - Happy family
Middle age Indian lady applying Bindi on the forehead while her husband hugs her from behind
Attractive Indian male sitting alone and cheerfully talking on his smartphone
Tired youngster taking a towel to wipe his perspiring face after a workout session
Sportsman exercising for arm muscles using dumbbell - fitness and health
Fit Indian bodybuilder lifting weight dumbbells for biceps training - sports activity
Indian youth enjoying healthy bodybuilding using battle ropes - intense workout
Athletic Indian man with battle rope doing training indoors - muscular exercise
Young Indian athlete skipping with jumping rope indoors - cardio exercise
Time-lapse shot of an Indian fighter in blue clothes and bandages on the wrist punching
Determined Indian youth practicing boxing punches against a dark background
College-going Indian male wiping sweat droplets with a towel after his gym exercise
An athlete with gloves and towel drinking health drink from sipper - sitting against a dark background
Shot of a strong Indian youth wearing red wrap sports bandage on hands
Aggressive male kickboxer in his early twenties practicing kicks on a punching bag
Sportsman applying talcum powder on hands before a workout session at the gym
Side view of an urban Indian youngster with earphones enjoying music indoors
Hands with red wrap sports bandage rubbing talcum powder before a workout
A muscular youngster wearing a sleeveless t-shirt, looking up towards the camera
A confident and stylish adult looking up towards the camera - healthy lifestyle
Muscular Indian man wrapping red boxing wrap bandage while getting ready for a training
Portrait of a kickboxer with red sports wrap bandage on hands wiping sweat
Young kickboxer in sportswear with boxing tape wrapped around hands - boxing training
Indian college going male with silky black hair standing against a colorful wall
Indian youngster wearing a medical mask for protection from Coronavirus pandemic