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Portrait of a tired farmer washing his face after a hard day's work in the field - Indian village
A few black Jamuns falling into a transparent glass of juice - a tasty drink. Indian summer fruit
An Indian girl happily applying Tika / Tilak on her brother's forehead on the occasion of Rakhi
An elderly Indian man from a rural village relaxing alone while smoking a pipe
Portrait of a cheerful Indian mother busy completing her office work on a laptop
Indian summer drink Jaljeera with a straw decorated with a lemon slice in a glass
Portrait of a young clean-shaven Indian man reading his favorite storybook at home
Adorable kids of a Muslim family hugging / embracing each other - an auspicious occasion, a festive mood
A beautiful Muslim lady wearing a headscarf doing a Saalam-Alaikum gesture - Eid celebrations, hello by Mohammedans
A beautiful mother her adorable daughter playing in the park - happy childhood, relationship and togetherness
A handsome guy and a beautiful lady reading books together - a favorite pastime, knowledge and education
A little schoolgirl practices jumping over a skipping rope - an outdoor sport, a fun activity, a healthy exercise
A handsome guy and a beautiful woman playing with a yellow flying disc - an outdoor sport, a plastic disc
A young Indian girl child hugs her father - warm hug, love and affection, relationship and togetherness, love and bonding
A young man and a sweet little girl playing chess - a board game, checkmate, a competitive game, fun time
An Indian father playing with her school-going daughter - childhood game, a fun activity
A middle-aged stressed businessman doing his office work on his laptop - working from home, a Covid lifestyle, internet connection
A young man with a black mustache talking on a video call while using his laptop - distant communication, working from home
A happy modern family during an online video call - distant communication, internet technology
A cheerful father and his young daughter playing together at home - a fun activity, parent-child bonding
A pretty Indian housewife in casual clothes using a laptop in the living room - a businesswoman, nuclear family
An attractive young couple enjoys drinking a hot cup of tea / coffee together - morning breakfast, couple bonding
A happy farmer wearing Kurta-Pajama dropping his young son to school on a bicycle - village education
Closeup shot of a shy village lady / female farmer standing in her agricultural field - green farmland, Indian agriculture
A cheerful village family enjoying playing together in their agricultural field - family time, family bonding
Young smiling children from a rural household roaming in their rice field - Indian agriculture, village lifestyle
A middle-aged villager in casual clothes with an Angocha doing a thumbs-up gesture - posing
A middle-aged farmer working on a laptop while his wife is doing hand embroidery - modern villager