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Stressed and depressed Indian husband, Indian couple in problem - stressed and sad, frustrated, loving wife, caring wife
A young husband comforting his upset pregnant wife - hormonal mood swings
The small nuclear family in India - Husband, wife, and daughter. Monthly budgeting
A beautiful Indian mother with her husband and cute little baby
Affectionate husband gives a surprise gift to his wife - togetherness and bonding
Indian housewife stitching a button of her husband's shirt while he is going out - Happily married life
Attractive Indian housewife helping her husband to put debit/credit card details - Online Purchase
Attractive housewife helping her husband to put credit / debit card details for online shipping
Indian husband-wife happily celebrating the Karwa Chauth festival together
Beautiful woman putting tilak on husband's forehead during Diwali puja
A loving husband brings a Diwali gift for his pretty wife in the kitchen
A newly wedded girl in chudda cooking and taking to her husband
Newlywed young husband-wife cooking together in a decorated kitchen
A medium shot of a smart husband-wife engaged on their personal smart gadgets
Medium shot of a couple where the husband falls asleep without talking to his wife
Pan shot of an excited pregnant woman telling her husband that the baby kicked
Caring husband pouring fruit juice for his pregnant wife and himself on a date
Caring husband offers water to his wife to comfort her with pregnancy sickness
Husband massages his wife's back during the final trimester of her pregnancy
Pretty Indian woman surprisingly closes her husband's eyes from behind - Christmas holiday
Indian woman in traditional saree asking the husband to leave his phone and eat lunch/ dinner
Indian wife cheering and hugging his tired husband after office in the evening - Love and Care
Beautiful Indian couple - Tired husband working on laptop and concerned wife messaging his shoulders
Indian man choking while eating dinner/ lunch at home - Sick husband and concerned wife
Karvachauth - Shot of mid-aged Indian woman praying for her husband's long life
Indian Husband tying beautiful necklace around wife's neck as a gift - Couple in Love
Indian married woman waiting for her husband to celebrate Karwa Chauth Festival
Indian husband giving medicine and glass of water to a sick wife - Medical Condition, Health Issue