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Indian cute girl suffering from fever and being taken care of by her lovely mother - Sick and Ill
Sikh family early morning scenario: Daughter-in-law serving tea to father-in-law. Old sikh man reading Gutka
Indian caring daughter-in-law giving medicine to old father-in-law - Retiring senior, Healthcare, treatment, aging concept
Happy Indian Family - Young sisters / siblings sitting on the sofa and spending good time with each other
A pan shot a full fledged exciting mela during festival season in India
Seekh kebab and panner tikka being cooked over a furnace on a high flame
Close up shot of a dog looking around in park, Cocker Spaniel
Dog grabbing a cookie from the table, cocker spaniel
Dog sitting and relaxing on the floor, Cocker Spaniel
Chopped onions being cooked / fried on high flame in a frying pan
A street food vendor garnishing tawa chicken with cilantro leaves to spice up the flavor
Seekh kebab being cooked over a very high flame in a coal furnace
A man preparing hot and sweet jalebis (Indian Sweet) in a big pan
Shot of melting a metal ore in a vessel on a high flame
A man preparing mouth watering tawa chicken on a huge flat pan on a high flame
A street food vendor cooking chopped mutton seekh kebab on a coal furnace
A road side food stall owner preparing masala dosa and adding mashed potatoes on the dosa batter
Side top angle shot of a man's hand making a sketch
Shot of an Indian girl standing in her house balcony and glancing through binoculars
Closeup shot of frying onions in a thick black frying pan by a street vendor
Shot of 500 rupees Indian currency falling on the table
A street food vendor cooking mouth watering tawa chicken on high flame
Indian girl drinking tea / coffee and looking at the view from balcony
A man deep frying matri / poori (Indian food items) in a huge container
A man changing the sides of seekh kebab to cook from all sides
Camera panning close up of mutton seekh kebab being cooked over a furnace
Close shot of frying aloo tikki (Indian street food) in a huge frying pan
Close up shot of a high flamed gas stove