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Grey-haired Indian lady suffering extreme stomach pain - upset stomach, digestive issue, abdominal pain, village home
Close-up shot of a young woman getting leg and feet massage in resort spa salon - healthcare, massage oil concept, acupressure
Close-up shot of a woman getting relaxing deep tissue calves muscle massage - spa treatment, foot massage
Shot of a woman getting thigh and leg massage in the spa salon - spa treatment, close up, smooth skin
Closeup up of a cosmetologist checking patients skin for cosmetic skin procedure - skin treatment, glowing skin
A sick & tired young indian man feels uneasy due to severe throat pain - illness, soar throat, pain, flu infection, changing weather
Indian man is angry with his loud neighborhood - refusing to listen to gossip, loud noise, ear problem, stress
Portrait shot of an Indian man slowly smiling - dental checkup, white teeth, smile makeover
A creative shot of menstrual products on a pink background for different bleeding issues - tampons, sanitary pads
Young Indian man feeling extreme stomach pain - irritated bowl syndrome, stomach ache, upset stomach, digestive issues
A young Indian man with bad cold - sneezing, sick during winters, serious infection, seasonal flu, allergic reaction, cold weather
Heart monitor and medicines kept in front of it - sick teenage boy, oxygen mask, hospital bed, medical equipment, respiratory issues
The chemist is verifying the list of medication names as written on the doctor's prescription - medical store, selling, business transaction
Medical shop owner posing for the camera at his pharmacy - successful business, small business, happy, growing economy
Pharmacist writing price or billing of medicines at retail medical shop counter - small business owner
Pharmacists give medicines to the customer after packing them in an envelope at the medical store
Pharmacist making bill for prescribed medicines - billing counter, retail medical shop, small business owner, pharmacy
Customer paying money by scanning QR code at the medical shop - cashless payment, contactless transaction, secure payment system
Slow motion of woman on treadmill - sneakers, walking on a treadmill, working out in gym, fitness equipment, sports shoes
A beautiful woman relaxing with back neck treatment at spa - soothing wellness experience, potli massage, panchkarma
A middle-aged caring father is by the bedside of his sick son in the hospital - care and assistance, family support
A stressed Indian woman in her late forties is talking on mobile in the hospital - caring mother, single mother, hospital care
A middle-aged Indian doctor is consulting a young patient and his mother - treatment and diagnosis
Indian mother is playing the rock, paper, scissors game with her sick son - childhood games, hospital ward, strong mother
Portrait of a mature and confident Indian female doctor with stethoscope - Indian nurse, Asian, brown girl
An Indian lady doctor talks to a camera consulting patient online in web chat - web camera view, online consultation
Applying avocado face mask with a brush - spa treatment, relaxing routine, detoxification, break from routine, acne treatment
An expecting woman lying in bed - stomach ache, unpleasant pregnancy, tough pregnancy, unhealthy, nursing care