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Village scene - Indian farmer in wheat crop fields with his wife. Harvest Time
Tilt shot of 'Happy Lohri' text written with rewri on the harvest festival - Lohri
Hands of an Indian woman serving peanuts chikki on Lohri the harvest festival in India
Tilt shot of beautifully plated Lohri items consumed during the wintertime in India
Closeup shot of Lohri items on the occasion of Lohri the harvest festival of India
Indian farmer walking in the field with a stack of harvested rice crops - harvest season
Attractive scenery view of rice plants swaying in the wind in Delhi/NCR, India
Indian farmer harvesting paddy crops in the agricultural land of Delhi/NCR, India
Hands of an Indian agricultural laborer cutting rice plants using a sickle - harvest season
A villager in kurta-pajama counting five hundred rupees Indian currency / banknotes
Pan shot of young cauliflower grows in the agricultural field of a farmer in India - Village Harvest
Closeup shot of a farmer beating rice stalks on a drum to remove rice grains in India
HD video of an Indian farmer plucking white cotton bolls
HD Stock video of a farmer pulling off cotton from the bush
A basket full of fruits and green leafy vegetables rotating on a turntable
A heap of green and golden pears / Naak kept together in a bamboo basket
Water is being sprayed on the green whole and sliced pears kept together
Whole and half green pears / Naak kept together on a black designer plate
A female checking chickpeas served in a white bowl - healthy eating
A female checking split peas in his / her palms - popular Indian legumes
Female hand keeping Kulhad Chai with different flavors of Makhana for snacks
Female hand keeping a plate of Makhana seasoned with cucumber, tomato, and corn
Refreshing papaya juice being poured into the glass - healthy drink
A bunch of red ripe wet plums with a half-eaten one together on a glass table
Fresh red ripe plum stacked together rotating on a turntable - a healthy fruit
A half-eaten plum kept with other sweet plums on a jute mat - a healthy fruit
Beautiful hand of a female taking a few delicious popcorns from a container
A few ready to eat delicious popcorns falling from above into a transparent bowl