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Shikanji / carbonated soda water poured in a glass with lemon slices and green chilies
Big ice cubes falling / splashing into a glass full of refreshing mango smoothie - Summer drink India
Mango smoothie topped / garnished with a fresh mint leaf - summer drink
Small cubes falling in a glass of refreshing mango milkshake - healthy drink, Summer drink India
Female hand placing a Medu Vada with other south Indian foods on a plate
South Indian vegetarian Thali, wedding jewelry, silk Saree, and coconut halves
Bubbling soda infused lemonade with big ice cubes and a lemon slice in a glass
Refreshing soda tonic fizzy water is being poured in a transparent glass
Fresh green peppermint leaf falling on sprout salad mixed with tomatoes and onions
Oregano / mixed herbs on a vegetarian pizza topped with cheese and corn
Sweet corn dropping on a delicious pizza topped with black olives and tomatoes
Female's hands adding fresh orange slices into mixer grinder to make juice
Orange slices, halves, and juice placed beautifully together on a wooden table
A splash of orange juice dropping in a glass kept on a table - healthy diet
Closeup shot of healthy fresh tropical coconuts spinning clockwise on a turntable
A brown hairy coconut and two halves of a coconut rotating on a wooden platform
Two halves of a coconut and a coconut flakes bowl rotating on a wooden platform
Top view shot of falling dried white coconut flakes on a wooden platform
A heap of shredded coconut with two halves of a healthy tropical coconut
Closeup shot of water droplets falling into a shell of a coconut - loopable fruit
Closeup shot of pouring coconut milk in a transparent glass - vegan food concept
Very slow-motion shot of a sharp knife cutting a kiwi in halves - tropical fruit
Thick mango juice / smoothie being poured into a glass - morning breakfast, Summer drink India
Female hands keeping a Medu Vada with a variety of food on a banana leaf
Tasty and healthy lime water flavored with mint leaves in a transparent glass
Female hands squeezing fresh lime juice into sprouts mixed with onions
Crushed red chili is being sprinkled for preparing a healthy vegetarian pizza
Pesto sauce is being spread on a fresh pizza base to make evening snacks