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A young guy gives gifts / presents to his adorable son and daughter during Eid - Eidi, a festive season, leisure time
A cheerful middle-aged guy from an urban city casting his vote at a polling booth - municipal election, right to vote, democratic country, Indian assembly elections
Young Indian guy chatting on smartphone late at night
Young Indian guy getting uncomfortable while in deep sleep
A smart Indian guy in casual clothes and a red turban working on his laptop - a digital device, office work
A middle-aged Indian guy with stubble talking on his old phone - basic phones, penetration of mobile phones
A middle-aged guy from an Indian village counting the banknotes and keeping them in his pocket
A middle-aged Indian guy talking on a video call - use of technology, mobile phone penetration
An attractive middle-aged couple celebrating their love with a beautiful gift - Gujarati couple, anniversary gift, celebration
A middle-aged Indian guy watching television while his wife is sewing clothes - household work, daily routine, middle-class family
A caring Indian father feeding Dhokla and juice to his young daughter - Gujarati snack, father-daughter bonding
A handsome male wearing eyeglasses and a blue Kurta resting on his rocking chair - greeting people
A handsome male sitting on a rocking chair - relaxing and laughing, resting at home, retired life
A young man in his 40's working from home - an Indian household, a middle-aged businessman
A retired Indian guy using a smartphone and posing for the camera - happy old man, retired life
An Indian man applying shaving cream on his face - grooming, getting ready, clean shaved, morning hygiene
A happy middle-aged guy in his late forties Gulaab Jamuns - an Indian sweet, a sweet tooth, a tasty dessert, evening snack time
A handsome old man with white hair and a mustache is reading a book - an interesting book, a favorite pastime
A cheerful middle-aged Indian man talking on a mobile - laughing, excited man, salt and pepper look, grey hair, grey beard
A bearded Indian guy with headphones watching an online video on a laptop - late night
A senior Indian businessman working on a laptop - late night, offshore work, old man, internet banking, online access
An elderly man using a laptop while talking on the phone - late night work, watching a movie
A middle-aged Indian guy twisting / twirling his mustache - lifestyle and fashion
A middle-aged Indian businessman is talking on a mobile while doing his office work - leisure time, client call
A middle-aged Indian man is stroking his beard with his hand - lifestyle and fashion, beard care, salt and pepper look
An elderly guy combing his hair and mustache - lifestyle and fashion, getting ready, big mustache
A young man working on the laptop for an office assignment - working from home, a remote job
A handsome guy putting a beautiful Gajra on his wife's hair - festive feel, romantic couple, South Indian couple, South India, Indian diversity