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A beautiful young girl in an ethnic dress smiling and showing sweets to the camera - Diwali festival
A female lighting a colorful Diya on the occasion of Diwali / Ganesh Chaturthi
A Puja Thali with a Diya - Lord Ganesha and Lakshmi Ji Idol, Diwali
Ganesh Ji / Ganpati and Laksmi Devi are kept on a decorated platform with sweets - traditional Indian sweets
A middle-aged Indian couple and their daughter decorating a floral Rangoli with rose petals - Diwali decoration
A well-lit clay lamp kept near the idols of Lord Ganesha and goddess Laxmi - Diwali celebrations
An elderly couple and their children partying at home - drinking juice, refreshing drink, celebration time
An attractive female in ethnic attire decorating a Rangoli with rose petals
A sweet Indian girl offering Gulaab- Jamuns during Diwali celebration - traditional Indian sweets, Indian Diwali, Diwali decoration
A middle-aged woman with Gulaab Jamuns plate in her hand - Indian sweets, offering sweets, traditional mithai
An old Indian woman eating Gulaab Jamuns - an Indian sweet, a tasty dessert, a sweet tooth
A happy middle-aged guy in his late forties Gulaab Jamuns - an Indian sweet, a sweet tooth, a tasty dessert, evening snack time
An aged Indian housewife eating Samosa - Indian street food, deep-fried, stuffed samosa, unhealthy food, trans fat, oily food
Smiling young mother feeding sweets to her cute daughter during festivities
Close shot of a well-lit Diwali diyas - kept in front of Hindu god idols along with sweets
Wide shot of a married couple during Diwali time - Indian festival, decorated house, flower decoration, holy festival
A middle-aged man eating a Samosa - deep-fried, a tasty snack, unhealthy food, fried food
A young woman decorating a plate of sweets on an auspicious occasion
An attractive woman working on a laptop at home during Diwali celebrations
A young woman offering homemade Gulaab Jamun to her guests on Diwali
A beautiful young woman wishing her friends Happy Diwali over a phone call
An Indian couple and their children doing a party at home - tasty snacks - delicious food, party time
Assorted Indian sweets / mithai kept in a plate for Indian festival
Shot of Indian woman mixing milk and flour to make the dough - Diwali sweets
Shot of a woman preparing Indian sweet / mithai for Diwali - Indian festival
Fresh Indian sweet / mithai rotating on a plate for Diwali - Indian festival
A woman making Indian sweet / mithai for Diwali - Indian festival
Diwali decorations - Pretty lady / female making a garland with fresh flowers