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An Indian man choosing between healthy food and fast food snacks - Diet or healthy lifestyle concept, food choices
Indian man drinking water after the workout in the park - water, thirsty man, post workout rest, hydration, trying to lose weight
A young gamer watching the green screen - computer monitor with green chroma, watching movie
Shot of a vendor counting Indian currency notes - daily expense, finance, financial saving, financial freedom, cash payment
A vegetable vendor talking on a call in a break time - free time activity, Indian
A vegetable street seller showing thumbs up towards the camera and smiling - a vegetable vendor, poor man, Indian, road side stall
Vegetable vendor smiling towards the camera while sitting at his stall - fresh vegetables, small business, Indian
Indian street vendor selling tomatoes in the street market - fresh tomatoes, measurement, single-use plastic ban, plastic use
The vegetable vendor measuring fresh tomatoes in a measuring machine - vegetable stall, use of polythene, single-use plastic in India
Woman paying the vegetable seller in cash - 500 Rupee Indian currency notes, exchange of money, Indian seller, small business transaction
Closeup shot of a vegetable shop - measuring machine, scanner code, street market, Indian vegetable shop, small Indian business
A woman scanning a QR code for making a payment to a vegetable seller - mobile payment, easy access, digital revolution, UPI payment
Vegetable seller measuring the quantity of fresh tomatoes - fresh vegetables, weighing scale, business transaction
Indian woman buying vegetable in a vegetable market - street seller, old man, Indian economy, growing vegetable prices
Two Indian teenagers playing a board game - Happy Indian brother and sister, childhood game, dice game
Streams of water flowing down a window - raindrops, raining, thunderstorms, weather
Kerala, India, 1st June 2022, A middle-aged boatman moving in a speed boat - water transport, Kerala backwaters, daily routine
Dirty waters in the Kerala backwaters - South India, natural environment, houseboats, shikara, transportation
A houseboat is sailing / moving - transportation, experience, Kerala backwaters, tourism, offbeat experience
Dirty water in the Kerala backwaters - houseboat, South India, transportation
A houseboat / Shikara is parked / standing in the river - Kerala backwaters, transportation
A catholic church in a small village in Kerala - Christianity, religious faith and belief
Himachal Pradesh, India, 1st June 2022, Houses and small shops in a mountainous area - green trees, construction in mountains, ecological threat
Kerala, India, 1st June 2022, A middle-aged boatman in casual clothes is catching fish with a fishing net
River water is flowing through the boulders / small rocks - a mountain river, a natural source of water
Mountain peaks covered by small green trees - a hilly area, a natural environment, rocky mountains
Clean and clear river water is flowing from a valley - fresh water, natural source of water
Water is flowing through the rocks in a river valley - ecology, fresh water, rain water, rivers in mountains, closeup