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Closeup shot of pouring fresh refined oil used for cooking food in the kitchens
Closeup shot - Making of the colorful vegetable dish/recipe in the home kitchen
Closeup shot of adding colorful vegetables in a frying pan - cooking concept
A confident modern farmer making a call while standing in his agricultural field
Village Scene - Indian village couple smiling while standing in their green fields
Pan shot of an Indian farmer and his wife happily looking at their growing pcrops
Indian village happy couple enjoying a bicycle ride near the agricultural fields
Married village couple enjoying a bicycle ride together in their agricultural land
Well-dressed village school girl smiling while standing in her agricultural field
Married Indian woman talking on mobile while holding a bunch of mustard flowers
Portrait of a confident smiling farmer standing with a stick in his mustard field
A happy rural couple lovingly holding their little daughter in their arms
Cheerful Indian village family standing in front of their mustard (Sarso) field
Closeup view of fresh black tea pouring in a glass cup with a lemon slice
Flavored tea bag dipped in hot water to make a cup of aromatic green tea
Male's hand making a cup of green tea decorated with sliced lemon
Rotating cup of green tea decorated with a lemon slice kept on a jute mat
Male's hand picking up and putting down a cup of green tea against black background
Preparing a cup of green tea with different Indian spices
Village scene - Beautiful married woman walking through a field with a clay pot
An Indian village woman carrying a pitcher (Ghara) full of water on her head
A smiling Indian farmer talking on mobile while standing near a green farmland
Indian village woman walking with a pitcher (Ghara) in an agricultural field
Pan shot of a confident Indian farmer happily showing his new debit or credit card
Young North Indian farmer smoking Bidi or Beedi in his green agricultural farm
Village scene - Indian farmer in wheat crop fields with his wife. Harvest Time
Newly Married Indian husband surprises wife with a necklace as a gift - Festival concept
Female artist's hands spraying sparkles on the statue of a Hindu Goddess