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Indian girl wearing an Indian traditional dress talking on the phone - Diwali greetings
A cheerful girl in a traditional white dress running with tri-color balloons on Republic Day
A pretty young girl wearing a tri-colored dress posing for the camera - Indian
A beautiful Indian female putting on red lipstick - toothy smile, smiling girl, posing for a camera
A beautiful lady applying make up - getting ready, modern lifestyle, lifestyle and fashion, North East Indian girl
An Indian lady is reading an interesting book in her leisure time - a college student, a favorite pastime, education, North East Indian girl
A young Indian housewife clicking a selfie with a victory gesture - posing, making reels, North East Indian girl
Portrait of a pretty Indian female busy talking on a smartphone - North East Indian girl, sitting on a sofa, smiling and talking
A young lady on a phone call - helping her school-going girl with her studies, parent-child bonding, school assignments
A beautiful teenage girl making study notes - school assignments, late night study, competitive exams
Young Indian siblings studying together - serious girl, studious girl, lazy boy, girl education, school work
A teenage girl and her brother doing arm-wrestling - physical strength, Indian brother sister at home
An attractive Indian girl posing for a selfie on her smartphone - college-going girl, making reels
A sweet adorable girl studying with her father - happy parenting, togetherness and relationship, Indian single father
A little girl completing her school assignment sitting at her desk - focus and concentration, hardworking, girl child education
A Sikh gentleman and his little girl using a tablet / I-pad together at home - Punjabi family in India, parenting
A small young school girl completing her homework - sitting at her desk, school assignment, holiday homework
A married couple having an argument - dejected child, sad girl, unhappy family, disturbed family
Village scene of a cute little girl doing her school homework - left-hand writing, left-handed
Portrait of a smiling young girl reading her favorite book at home
A beautiful little girl from South India drinking tender coconut water - a refreshing drink, organic food
A smiling young girl wearing a colorful suit during the festive season - leisure time, casual wear, celebration time
A middle-aged music teacher training an Indian girl on keyboard / piano - musical instrument, father-daughter bonding
Delhi, India, April/2020- A young girl studying on the footpath - Government school, poverty, hard work, hard life
A sweet little girl in casual clothes swinging / practicing with a Hula-hoop - an outdoor exercise, fun activity
A young Indian girl child hugs her father - warm hug, love and affection, relationship and togetherness, love and bonding
A young Indian father playing with her little daughter in the park - girl child, fun activity, a childhood game, parenting
An educated Indian villager helping his daughter with her homework - girl-child education, Beti Bachao Beti Padhao