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A cheerful girl wearing a tricolor Dupatta with balloons on Republic Day celebrations
A young girl wearing a traditional white dress enjoying cycling on Republic Day
A cheerful teenage girl happily waving the Indian Tricolor Flag celebrating Republic Day
A female doctor from a local medical center doing checkup of a young girl in the village - Health checkup, Preventive care
A cute little village school girl playing with a wooden airplane at home
A cheerful girl from a village shaking her piggy bank - finance and budget
Closeup shot of an attractive Indian girl smoking a cigarette - Taking a puff
A modern Indian girl using a lighter to light a cigarette at home - nicotine addict
A college-going girl trying out a new dress while standing in front of a mirror
A young Indian girl greeting with a hello gesture while talking on an online call
Portrait of a teenage girl eating a banana - Healthy vegetarian food
Teenage girl finishing her school assignment sitting on her desk - Girl studying and boy having fun
An adorable girl child wearing a white T-shirt sleeping on a comfortable bed
Cheerful teenage girl wearing a beautiful gold necklace talking on her mobile
A thoughtful young girl with black hair drinking a cup of hot tea / coffee at home
An Indian girl prepares to celebrate a Hindu festival of Rakshabandhan at home
Connaught Place, New Delhi - India: Poor urban girl preparing for her examinations sitting on a pavement under a tree
Happy cute teenage girl finishing a glass of farm-fresh milk - healthy beverage
Village girl sitting on a mat taking down notes under the light in the evening - Indian village home
A sweet little girl drinking a glass of fruit juice and having chips in the park
Portrait of a cute little girl holding colorful balloons while sitting in the park
A cute little girl eating an ice-cream while her father is reading a book
Portrait of a happy little girl standing in the park with two colorful balloons
School going Indian girl waving the flag of India - Independence day / Republic day
Young and beautiful Indian mother taking care of her sick girl child - Love and care in family
School going girl child studying while her mother is cooking in the modern kitchen
Joyous little girl and her grandmother playing with toy tableware at home
Cute little school-age girl cuddling her favorite soft doll sitting at her home - Indian kid