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Pan shot of dried ginger, dried ginger roots, Haldi sticks, and powdered Haldi - Indian herbs
Collection of Indian spices in wooden containers - common Indian spices, Indian herbs
Powdered Haldi, dried Haldi and raw ginger kept against a black background - Indian spices
Powdered ginger in a heap, dried ginger, and raw ginger kept together - Indian herbs, home remedy for cough and cold
Dry ginger powder kept in a heap with a fresh piece of ginger - Home remedy, Indian herbs
Finely grounded ginger powder kept in a heap on a wooden spatula - Indian species, healthy herb, home remedy for cough and cold
Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India, 17th November 2021, Spice stall at the trade fair
Faridabad, Haryana, India, 7th September 2021, A street vendor in a blue shirt making delicious Dahi Bhalle chaat in a food joint
Refreshing buttermilk / Chaas being seasoned with cumin seeds from the top
Buttermilk with Jeera is garnished with fresh mint leaves before drinking
Sweet tamarind Chutney / Saunth dropping on two Kachoris kept on a plate - Morning breakfast North India
Fresh coriander leaf falling inside a ceramic bowl with sweet Chutney / Saunth - Street Food India
Crispy Kachodis served a glass of boiling hot tea for breakfast / evening snacks
Smoke coming out of a boiling hot aromatic ginger tea served in a clear glass - Indian Chai
A healthy beverage herbal tea decorated with Tulsi leaves served for breakfast
Juicy yellow lemon falling inside a clear glass full of aromatic brewing black tea
Whole black pepper and cloves falling on a plate of dried tea leaves with Tulsi Patta
A spoonful of organic honey and Tulsi leaves in a clear glass of herbal black tea
Tea seasoned with Tulsi leaves pouring in a clear mug - health and medicine - Black tea
Flavored herbal tea with bubbles poured in transparent glass in the morning - Blacktea
A glass of fresh beetroot beverage decorated with a slice splashing out
Nutritional beetroot extract with slices falling in a clear glass for breakfast
A couple of biscuits and tea served in transparent glass for morning breakfast
A freshly cut lemon half being dropped in a glass of cool summer drink - Jaljeera
Big ice cubes falling in a glass of fresh soda / tonic water with lemon slices
Lemon slices falling in refreshing soda tonic water inside a transparent glass
Refreshing soda tonic fizzy water is being poured in a transparent glass
A view of Urad, Moong, Arhar, and Masoor Dal/lentils with Indian whole spices