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Excited young Indian man watching television at home: emotion concept, excitement, celebration
Closeup shot of a woman painting Tiranga on her face with a wide smile -patriotism, cricket fan, sports fan, Indian fan, support for India
Closeup shot of a man with a tight hair bun painting Tiranga on his face with a wide smile - cricket fan, India fan, sports fan, football fan
Closeup shot of a man painting Tiranga on his face with a wide smile - cricket fan, India fan, sports fan, football fan, sports fan
Siblings wearing an Indian jersey - excited, cheering for a team, female sports fan, cricket series
A caring Indian father playing and spending time with his little girl child in a hospital room - childhood game,
Small Indian kids with their grandparents - Spending time, joint family, playing card games, grandchildren, time pass activity
An old Indian couple playing card games in the living room at home - fun and entertainment, retired life
A cheerful housewife and her little kid playing with colorful building blocks - puzzle, cognitive skill development, kids learning
A loving Indian mother feeding wholesome food to her little daughter - parent-child bonding, dependent child
A cheerful Indian mother is playing hand-clapping games with her little daughter - a childhood game
A middle-aged couple and a young boy playing video games using a joystick - a gaming console, modern parenting
Happy Indian family from Bengal - Playing cards, teenage kids, and middle-aged parents
A middle-aged Indian lady reading a book while drinking tea/coffee - nighttime, sleeping time, bedtime addiction, bad habits
A little girl completing her school assignment sitting at her desk - focus and concentration, hardworking, girl child education
Three old friends playing a game of cards - a pack of cards, old age generation, old age home, white hair
A smiling Indian father-daughter having fun while playing hand clap games - a childhood game, a fun activity
A handsome young man and his little daughter playing a video game - leisure time, gaming console, nuclear family
A young supporting Indian father helping his family - modern-day parenting, caring husband - household chores, laundry, mother-daughter bonding
A middle-aged man and an attractive woman in traditional clothes playing card games - a leisure time
Cheerful Indian brother-sister playing card games - a pack of cards, leisure time, fun time, bonding
A strict Indian mother scolding her son for excessive mobile use - technology overuse, mobile addiction
A young man with a black mustache talking on a video call while using his laptop - distant communication, working from home
An adorable child in casual clothes hugging his young father - Indian family, Small nuclear family in India
A little boy and a cute girl relaxing together while sitting on the bed at home
A cute charming baby girl putting a colorful soft toy in her mouth while playing
Portrait of a smart boy with curly hair playing an online game on his smartphone
A young businesswoman using her laptop to complete her office work at home