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A smart handsome guy typing a message / chatting online on a smartphone - distant communication, a modern lifestyle, an electronic gadget
A young businessman in casual clothes typing an important e-mail on his laptop - digital addiction, work from home, digital devices in room
A young businesswoman using her laptop to complete her office work at home
Happy village mother and her young daughter using a smartphone together - parenting, happy family, love and care
Nuclear Muslim family in India, Cute siblings in an ethnic dress
A little kid playing a video game - lost game and unhappy, screen addiction, video game addiction
Portrait of a smart boy holding a smartphone - Chroma shoot
Close shot of a man typing on his smartphone. Use of gadget in modern life
A beautiful Muslim woman in her forties talking on her smartphone / mobile - an electronic gadget, internet connection
A modern Indian villager working on his laptop while sitting on a woven cot - an electronic gadget, internet technology
A pretty woman wearing a white Kurti and colorful Chunni checking her mobile - messaging, Holi celebrations, an electronic gadget, young couple
A handsome guy in traditional wear scrolling / browsing his mobile on Holi - an Indian festival, an electronic gadget, internet connection
An attractive woman in her thirties talking on her phone - relaxing on a rocking chair, free quality time
An affectionate mother in casual clothes patting her sleeping son on the sofa - love and care, parenting, mother-son bonding
Young educated farmer couple using a laptop - Internet access in the village
A caring mother oiling the curly hair of her adorable son - healthy hair, head massage, mother-son bonding
A single mother with her son at home - both engrossed in different activities
A senior man with grey hair talking on his smartphone while relaxing in the park
An elderly man and his grandson using laptop - modern-day parenting, digital device use
Young busy couple using digital devices in their personal times - modern couple, digital addiction
A happy Indian family watching television together while relaxing together on the sofa
An office employee using a tablet while sitting in an office on a comfortable chair
An attractive Indian girl reading a book at home in her leisure time
A little girl in casual clothes watching cartoons / online videos with her parents on a mobile
A smiling young girl with long black hair using mobile phone - Chatting
Anxious Indian man drinking and smoking at home - alcohol and nicotine addiction, late-night drinking, hard drinks at home
A young man and his pretty wife scrolling / browsing on a tablet - online shopping, a digital device
A young man doing work from home due to an outbreak of Coronavirus in India - a remote job, hybrid work, new age office