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A Muslim couple in ethnic wear show their ink-marked index finger together - state elections, registered voters, identification mark
A Muslim man in ethnic wear shows his index finger dyed in permanent ink - municipal elections, Indian citizenship, registered voter
A pretty girl wearing a white headscarf holding a paper with Vote Now inscription - state elections, election campaign, responsible citizen
A muslim lady wearing a black headscarf encouraging people to cast their votes - Indian assembly elections, equal rights, Indian citizenship
An Indian couple and their teenage daughter clicking a selfie together after voting - state elections, Indian citizenship, a democratic country
Middle-aged parents and their daughter happily show their ink-marked finger - Indian citizens, right to vote, responsibility
A beautiful lady shows her ink-marked index finger on her left hand after voting - state elections, a responsible citizen, an Indian citizenship
A middle-aged guy clicking a selfie on his mobile after voting in the elections - state elections, an Indian citizen, democratic country
A beautiful college student happily showing her new voter card - an election card, identity proof, a mandatory document, voter id
A beautiful adolescent girl taking a selfie with her smartphone after voting - municipal elections, an Indian citizen, democracy
A middle-aged lady officer checking the identity proof of the voters in an election office - mandatory documents, documentation
A male government officer putting a blue ink mark on the fingers of all the voters - Indian citizens, democracy, election booth, voting in India
A middle-aged lady / electoral officer busy doing an important survey - counting, checking
A cute boy and an adorable girl wearing funny googles wishing everyone on Holi - an Indian festival, trendy sunglasses, organic Gulal
A young college girl in casual clothes exercising her right to vote by pressing a button - a fundamental right, a democratic country
A young college student casting her vote by pressing a button on an electronic machine - elections, fundamental rights, a democratic country
A middle-aged lady casting her vote at a polling station while wearing a medical mask - elections, Coronavirus pandemic, social distancing
A middle-aged lady / female candidate casting her vote at a voting center - elections, fundamental rights, a democratic country, Indian assembly elections
A male electoral officer checking voter identity - voting slips, identity proofs, an Indian citizen, Indian assembly elections, voting booth
A middle-aged election officer marks blue ink on the fingers of a voter - voting slip, identity proof, voting booth in a village
A male election officer holding a Vote Now inscription on a white piece of paper - democracy, elections, Fundamental rights, Indian assembly elections, voting booth
A male election officer on duty - Democracy, Fundamental rights, ballot box, Indian assembly elections, voting booth
An election officer on duty surveying the important papers - Democracy, Fundamental rights, ballot box
A young woman wearing jewelry and a pretty Sari in her modern home - traditional dress, Indian look
A happy Indian village couple showing their ink marked fingers after voting - Elections, State elections, Fundamental right
A happy farmer showing his ink-marked finger while sitting at home - elections, State elections, National elections, Voter
A happy Indian family watching a funny online video together while sitting on the couch
Young Indian father and his daughter watching funny videos online, Technology invasion, Mobile addiction