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Indian father and son having a good laugh at home sitting on the couch - Happy family spending time together
Indian grandson touching his grandfather's feet for blessings before going to the school - Old man reading Sikh Hymns or Banis from Gutka
Indian caring daughter-in-law giving medicine to old father-in-law - Retiring senior, Healthcare, treatment, aging concept
Upset sick senior citizen sitting on the couch taking medication to recover from illness - Healthcare, treatment, aging concept
Emotional Scene: Indian soldier leaving for duty, bidding goodbye to aged father - Family scene at separation
Indian soldier telling war stories to his retired father at home - Father-son spending quality family time
Indian father getting angry at teenage son for bad behavior - Indian family scene
Mid age husband and wife having dinner/lunch. Husband on a business call, disturbed wife
Young Indian couple sitting on floor - Exploring tab in midst of house shifting
Indian teenage son and father at home - Serious discussing studies and career
Happy Indian family at the dinner table having a good time with each other
Indian Family - father and son. Father scolding teenage boy looking at an exam paper
Indian Mother and Son working on laptop - Small nuclear family, son checking the study material
Indian husband serving wife with fresh juice after her arrival from the office - Mid age couple strong love relationship at a happy Indian family
Moving to new house - Young Indian couple choosing point to hang a painting on the wall
Young asian couple hanging a painting on the white wall in their new flat
Indian father wearing spectacles reading story book with daughter
Indian father helping daughter in her studies by siting with her as she writes
Indian father laughing and playing with his daughter with french fries in his hand
Indian father scolding his young daughter as she keeps her head down and cries - Depressed child and angry father
Young Indian father tickling his daughter and making her laugh hard
Indian father and his cute little daughter reading a story book and spending quality time
Happy father and son duo in small happy family. A son enjoying studying and doing homework with his father
Indian mother scolding her son sitting on the study table with him - Disinterested son
4K Stock Footage of a happy nuclear Indian family in their bedroom - Young cute daughter and young indian parents
Indian parents scolding young boy for his studies - Parenting, parental pressure, stressed child, school homework
Young Indian man unpacking his stuff from cardboard boxes at his new house - Relocation to new city
Indian couple fight - Husband shouts / screams at wife while she remain quite and listens with frustration