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Young Indian man taking blessings from his father on his marriage day
Young Indian bride lovingly hugs her father on her wedding day - Hindu wedding
Pretty daughter taking her father's blessings on her marriage ceremony - Indian wedding
Beautiful bride showing her Mehendi/Henna decorated hands to her father
Attractive bride happily standing on the stage with her father - Indian wedding
Indian father happily teaching new things to his daughter on a digital laptop
Village scene of an Indian farmer teaching his daughter on a digital laptop
Village scene of a loving Indian father happily feeding his little daughter
Confident young villager working on a laptop - progressive Indian farmer
Village housewife lighting a lantern while her husband and daughter studying - Nuclear village family
Villager helping his little daughter in her studies - girl child education
Loving and caring village parents feeding their daughter while sitting on a charpai
Educated Indian farmer teaching the usage of a laptop to his wife and daughter
Cute little girl happily playing with her father on a tree swing during leisure time
Indian farmer happily going to drop his little daughter to school on a bicycle
Indian village parents going to drop their little daughter to school on a bicycle
Backview of an Indian father going to drop his daughter to school on a bicycle
Indian village family standing against the Sarso field with a dream house model
Indian village family watching their favorite TV serial together at home
A young village farmer taking his girl child to school. Beti bachao beti padhao
An adorable little girl getting scared of her angry father's slap - child abuse
Indian father-daughter happily enjoying their free time together and watching tv
Caring father combing his daughter's hair at home - Modern Indian Lifestyle
Father helping daughter in online shopping on mobile - Technology adoption by kids
Happy Indian father spinning his little girl on his back in their living room
Handsome Indian dad practicing dance with his girl - happy family time
Indian daughter spins around holding her dad's finger and enjoys free time
Indian dad having a fun time with his little girl on a sofa - father-child bonding