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Closeup shot of a sweet little infant with her father - sweet bubbly baby, cute kid, cute baby
Six months old baby girl with her father - father-daughter boding, modern father
A smart young father with his little daughter - reading a book, new skill, social development
A working father taking care of his kid while working from home on his laptop
A matured old man and his young daughter - Father-daughter bonding and care
A well-groomed young man and his elderly father drinking tea / coffee together
A little adorable kid styling his father's hair with a comb - Bonding with kids
Single father helps his little son button his shirt to get ready in the morning
Single dad playing with his 6-year-old son - parenting, single father, father-son bonding
Happy Indian father and his adorable son using a smartphone together before bedtime
A young father making funny faces while interacting with his little son at home
A charming father and his young son playing together under a tent decorated with lights
An adorable little kid in casual clothes greeting his father with a tight hug
A young boy and his charming father playing a video game using a joystick
A young father and an adorable boy playing and having fun - parenting, single father, father-son bonding
A middle-aged father working remotely on his laptop, Young son - parenting, single father, father-son bonding
A caring father patting his little daughter while helping her to sleep
Father and daughter bonding - Caring father taking care of her daughter
An adorable child sleeping peacefully on his father's lap
A cute adorable girl hugging her father - Love and Bonding with parents
Sweet little kid in traditional wear helping his father for online shopping
Loving father cuddling his tired and sleepy child sitting outdoors in the park
A cute little girl eating an ice-cream with her father sitting by her side
Father and daughter playing in a park - happy family kid fun moments concept
Smart urban father-daughter putting on their stylish sunglasses in a park
Modern Indian father offering wafers / chips to his little girl - togetherness and bonding
Lovely girl child reading a storybook while sitting on her father's lap outdoors
Father and daughter waving the Indian flag - Independence Day / Republic Day