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Indian farmer playing happily with his daughter in fields - rural lifestyle, desi family fun, childhood
Two government school Indian teachers dressed decently posing for the camera - professors, lecturer
A middle-aged caring father is by the bedside of his sick son in the hospital - care and assistance, family support
A middle-aged father doing his office work in the hospital while his son is resting - family responsibility, poor work life balance
A middle-aged Indian father taking care of his little son in the hospital - care and assistance, private hospital room
An adult daughter and her sick father talking on a video call in the hospital - telecommunication, hospital care
Indian woman with her sick father in a hospital ward - talking on phone, private room, old age, senior citizen care
A responsible Indian daughter with ailing father - family support, care and assistance, tired, government health scheme benefit
A caring Indian daughter with her sick father in the hospital - old man in hospital, senior citizen care
Old South Indian couple with their daughter - greeting people on Diwali, Indian culture, Namaste gesture, Diwali celebrations
An adult man and his young daughter are talking on a video call - adoption of technology, easy of use
An adult daughter is hugging / cuddling with her dad while sitting on a comfortable sofa - father-daughter concept
An elderly guy with white hair scrolling on his mobile while talking to his daughter - use of technology, ease of use, old man using gadget
An Indian father-daughter duo is busy browsing / scrolling on their mobiles - excessive mobile phone use, harmful effects, technology invasion
South-Indian family happily posing for the camera on the occasion of Diwali - family pose, happy family
An Indian man smiling and greeting people during the Diwali festival - decorated with colorful flowers
A young girl and her father clicking a selfie together on a mobile - Diwali celebration, father-daughter bonding, happy family, festive vibes
Father and daughter greeting people on Diwali - Indian culture, Namaste gesture, Diwali celebrations
An Indian father giving Diwali gift to her daughter - Diwali celebrations, happiness, traditional Indian dress
Happy Indian family - parents with daughter posing for the camera in the decorated house, festive season, Diwali celebration
Old Indian couple greeting people on Diwali - Indian culture, Namaste gesture, Diwali celebrations, home entrance greeting
Adorable Indian family taking selfies or self photographs at home - colorful, decorated background, Festive season
A married couple happily chatting on a video call during Diwali festival - Diwali decorations, a Hindu festival, festive season
Sick old man coughing in the hospital bed - medical problem, disease diagnosis, hospital care, terminal illness
An aged Asian man refusing to eat hospital food - weakness, loss of appetite, boring food, bland food, illness side effects
A caring daughter consoling her sick father in the hospital - empathy, old age medical issues, cancer patient
An old man with white hair is playing chess with his granddaughter - board game, generation gap, good care
An aged gentleman and his young daughter are watching television together - father daughter bonding