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Smiling boyfriend girlfriend doing shopping for each other on Valentine's day
Indian soldier telling war stories to his retired father at home - Father-son spending quality family time
Gunny bag/jute sack full of dried whole spices falling on a wooden table with lentils
Raw pulses falling from gunny bag in front of wooden containers with Dal/lentils
Pen dropping near a green screen chroma key device placed on a notepad - Work table
A school-going teenage child asking about a difficult lesson from her mother
Hands of a laborer making ventilated bricks made of cement using a float hand tool
A young mother and her daughter waving a 'Hi' while having a conversation on a video call
Closeup shot of a worker adding cement to the frame of ventilator
Back view of happy father and son walking while holding hands in a summer park - father's day
Pan shot of a boy holding his dad's hand while walking around in the garden - happy family
A handsome young man spending a beautiful summer day with his six-year-old kid
Nutritional beetroot extract with slices falling in a clear glass for breakfast
Burger patty falling on a plate with other tasty patties stacked together
Round shaped medicine dropping / falling in a clear glass of water - treatment / remedy
Pill falling down / mixing in a clear glass of water for treatment and remedy. Fizzy drink
Powdered medicine dissolved in water in transparent glass - health and treatment
Aromatic black spicy tea falling in a transparent cup - traditional Indian beverage
Lemon slices falling in refreshing soda tonic water inside a transparent glass
Two lemon slices falling inside a bowl of sprouted chickpeas salad mixed with onions
Small cubes of cheese falling on a deliciously baked Italian pizza - popular snacks
Flakes of red pepper falling inside a transparent bottle - spices and seasoning
Natural organic green herb medicine / essential oil falling from green leaf
Asthma medication concept - Liquid medicine falling out of a medical injection
A syringe filled with liquid medicine falling out - healthcare and medicine concept
Falling of wheat flour on a round wheat dough to make chapatis in the kitchen
Crazy young friends celebrating New Year's Eve together at a house party in India
A group of young party friends enjoying dancing under falling confetti - New Year celebration