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Closeup shot of a beautiful Indian girl with vibrant Gulal on her face - Holi festival, organic colors, festive season
A handsome guy wiping off the Gulal on his face with a tissue paper - Holi festival, organic colors, skincare
A beautiful Indian girl wipes her face to remove the Gulal - Holi festival, itchy skin, organic colors
Organic color splash on man's face on Holi - Holi festival, safe Holi, Dry Holi
Delhi, India - September 2018: A young attractive man wipes his face with a towel in the bathroom
A happy young Indian woman putting on a face pack mask / hydrating sheet at home - Face pack
College-going students with face masks surfing the internet on their smartphones
Portrait of a happy young woman applying a face pack/mask sitting at home
Portrait of a tired farmer washing his face after a hard day's work in the field - Indian village
A medical worker in a white coat disinfecting the face shield using a sanitizer
Indian girl with clean face pack checking her mobile while resting on a wooden sofa
Cheerful male putting on a medical mask covering his face and nose
Portrait of youth with drops of sweat on his whole face - intense workout concept
Teen daughter learning to apply makeup on her mother's face - Mother-daughter bonding
Indian female in white clothes relaxing at her home with a cosmetic face mask
Young lady relaxing with a serum mask on her face while resting on the sofa
Barber's hands wiping the handsome client's face with a towel at a unisex salon
Medium shot of a young guy wearing a medical mask and protective face shield
Young guy wearing a medical mask, protective face shield, and latex gloves
Closeup shot of a young guy wearing a medical mask and protective face shield
Closeup of a cute little girl washing her face with running water in the bathroom
Woman's hand sticking note with a sad face emoticon over a white background
Young sporty woman wiping her sweaty face with a towel - post-workout scene
Handsome Indian man applying shaving cream on the face with a finger
Close-up shot of a young handsome man standing in washroom and gliding razor on the face
Close-up shot of a boy with shaving cream on face and using a razor - routine hygiene concept
Beautiful girl rubbing moisturizer on her face using her hands - Skincare Concept
Closeup of an Indian girl with no makeup applying face cream - skin care concept