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Kalindi Kunj, New Delhi - Water pollution, Industrial waste in water forming a white toxic foam, polluted Yamuna river
Moving shot of a smelly dumping ground with algae and domestic waste in India
Pan shot of an illegal roadside garbage dump in India - environmental pollution
Dirty and polluted riverside with plastic bottles, bags and other garbage
Still shot of Illegal dumping garbage site in India - environmental pollution concept
Tilt shot of garbage like plastic bags, bottles, household waste, etc at the side of a river
Illegal dumping ground filled with household wastes, plastic bottles, and bags
Heaps of rubbish waste material dumped illegally in a river - an environmental issue
Top view of a polluted drainage ditch full of dirty water and rubbish garbage
Air pollution from burning household waste on the sides of a road - bad ecology concept
Harmful smoke coming out from an industrial chimney pipe causing air pollution
Smoke emission from factory pipes contaminating fresh air in an industrial area
Cows eating plastic at a roadside garbage dumping site in India - environmental pollution
Indian cow eating plastic and trash at a local landfill site in India
Household dump scattered on the side of a road in India - illegal waste landfill site
Tilt shot of an Indian bull eating plastic and trash at a riverside garbage dump in India
Household waste scattered in a landfill at a riverside - environmental pollution
Indian cows looking for edibles in a garbage dump or landfill - Animal eating plastic
Still shot of a family of dirty pigs looking for food in an unhygienic garbage dump
Small Indian child showing a white placard or a banner in a park - copy space concept
Indian man showing a slate of "Stop Pollution" text with garbage dump in the background
Smoke emission from a factory polluting environment in India - air pollution concept
Young volunteer cleaning up garbage to reduce environmental issues - ecology concept
An Indian girl playing with smoke bombs on Holi - Holi celebrations, danger, pollution hazard, chemical colors
Young Indian man playing with smoke bombs on Holi - environmental hazard, pollution, chemical colors
Kalindi Kunj, New Delhi, India - Polluted water in the Yamuna river with toxic waste
Young female protecting a plant sapling with both hands - environmental health
A light wind storm in the monsoons - bad weather